October First Look: Varun's melancholic smile makes for an intriguing poster


The first look of Shoojit Sircar’s October starring Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu is out now. The director describes the film as an exploration of a new shade of love. The film though has a love story, spins around the darkness of its characters’ lives. Its teaser that came out last month looked like a tale about a declaration of love that was never made, a romantic proposal left unsaid? We are entranced!

The first look has Varun gazing into the abyss as he lies down in amidst the beautiful flower garden, the ones similar as seen in the teaser where the flowers are picked up… but fall out again. We wonder what he is lost in; a beautiful past that is lost forever or a future that could never be. Varun’s slight smile also flashes shades of melancholy. The poster itself has layers that we can explore. And this has our interest piqued.


Talking about romantics and working with new actors, filmmaker Shoojit Sircar, said, “When it comes to the genre of romance, it is always beautiful to see a fresh pairing. Something about seeing their chemistry blossom through the reels of the film makes you feel a part of their journey from the very beginning. For October, that was one of the main reasons why I chose Banita for the lead role opposite Varun.”

Shoojit, who is known for keeping reality intact in his films, took method acting for his actors a notch higher in this film. In a conversation recently, he also mentioned that he asked Varun to either go sleepless or survive on a couple of hours of sleep. This came as the director wanted his hero to look sombre for a few scenes and resulted in a week full of sleepless nights for him.

October is set to hit the screens on April 13, 2018. It is produced by Ronnie Lahiri and Sheel Kumar of A Rising Sun Films Production. The trailer is also slated to release next week.