Adieu, People’s Princess: That moving moment when Boney, joined by Janhvi and Khushi, set fire to the pyre


After breaking down last night, when they brought her beloved Amma home, young Khushi, just 17, had been struggling all day to maintain her composure. She succeeded to a large extent. However, it was when the national tricolour draping her mother was ceremonially folded and handed into her young hands, that the dam broke.

She broke down and wept, wept for the mother she loved dearly, and would never see again. She was not allowed to remain devastated by her grief – her half-sister, Anshula immediately reached across to enfold her in a warm and comforting embrace. Young Anshula knows what it is to lose a mother when one is young and forlorn. And her swift and spontaneous consoling of Khushi did not escape the notice of the many family members and friends at the funeral of the People’s Princess, the legendary Sridevi.

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Kudos too to the girls’ first cousin, Sonam Kapoor who has stayed close to them constantly, to comfort, guide, and help in every way she could.

Arjun Kapoor, his stoic face not showing much emotion, has been the proverbial rock. It was he who cancelled all his shootings to fly to Dubai, to help his dad bring his stepmother home. He has stood by his father and his sisters, silent and strong, taking charge when needed, his presence providing the reassurance they need.

When Boney Kapoor gave the ritual flame to the pyre of his beloved wife, within moments he was joined by his daughters, weeping as they said their heart-wrenching goodbyes to the woman they adored.

It is indeed goodbye to the People’s Princess. Accorded a funeral with full state honours by the Maharashtra government, the legendary actress was bestowed a gun salute before the cremation.

Even more moving, was the sight of lakhs of lay people who followed her funeral cortege and thronged the streets in a public outpouring of their love and grief. In fact, a funeral of such magnitude was last seen for the legendary singer Mohammed Rafi (July 1980: a million mourners) and India’s first superstar Rajesh Khanna (July 2012: marginally less than a million mourners).

Could we expect any different for this beloved queen of hearts?

Check out all the well-wishers from the industry also reached out, to pay their tributes to the departed actress, and console the grieving family.