Rani’s hinting at a second baby already!


After a long hiatus, Rani Mukerji returns to the big screen. We could, however, see more of her in the times to come, even when she does have a second child – it’s all about proper planning, you see, and Rani is already getting the hang of it.

Talking about experiencing motherhood after the birth of her daughter Adira in 2015, she says, “I am experiencing motherhood for the first time. Maybe I will plan more the second time around.” Now that’s a sign that Rani and husband Adi Chopra definitely want to add to their family! She also reveals, “I guess the first time we are nervous and anxious about everything around the baby. When Adira was born, I believed I had to be with my child every second and that she has to have my time. I wanted to be part of all the milestones she achieves.”

With Rani returning to the arclights, things have altered on the home front. “Now, it is getting more difficult for me, since Adira wants me there. And the attachment grows too. So, I have to plan it better now. I thought that when she grows up, things will be easier for me, but it’s not.”

The lady is clearly smitten by her li’l girl. She also shared that her toddler now recognizes her in her photographs. “Adira does recognize me when she sees my picture on the phone or in the papers. Otherwise, she is too young to understand these things. However, she remembers when someone takes pictures with me. Once a security guard took a photo with me, so she told everyone, ‘Police ne mamma ke Saath photo liya’. I have no idea what she thinks of these things. But she has understood the concept of pictures.”

Rani has been vocal about a woman’s right to choose whether to work or not post-motherhood. “If staying at home and raising a child makes you happy, then that’s great. But there are women who like to work and at the same time, want to raise their child too.

You can’t ask a woman why she wants to work.”