Vogue BFFs Season 2: When Alia and Katrina cleverly passed the wedding buck!


Two of B-town’s coolest gals spilling secrets – what’s not to love about BFFs with Vogue featuring Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt! Here’s a sampling of what went on during their encounter this weekend, especially the way Alu (Alia) introduced Kat with her popular number Sheila Ki Jawani parody!

On Kat’s bucket list is a visit to Mexico, where she yearns to have a really enlightening spiritual experience. “There are these pools where you have to take permission from the deities before you jump in,” she shared. “And they’re supposed to be cleansing waters and all that.” Sounded great till Alia piped in, “I’ve been there…but I didn’t get cleaned!”
Katrina shared that the first time she met Alia, it was before she could do Student of the Year and she was “so cute and so golu”. She also lets us in on the fact that Alia seemed very quiet, “obviously she was very young. She was like a small, small child.”


Katrina also revealed that Alia is her Insta guru – around the clock. So it might even be the middle of the night that Kat messages Alia to say her picture is not fitting and what should she do. Promptly Alia will ping back to tell her she has to make it smaller. And then Kat realizes that it’s 1 am and really not the time to be harrowing someone for Insta advice!

The two stunners are quick to pass the buck when it comes to the topic of settling down, though. There was Alia saying that she has taken it upon herself to set up Katrina with someone – “I’ve set up two people in the past and it has gone beautifully,” she claims. But that’s going to be easier said than done because Katrina has her own agenda. “I feel a little bit like Alia’s older sister. I have to see her happily settled, attend her wedding, wipe her tears, wear a beautiful outfit… And then I can say, ‘Okay, it’s my turn’” Bratty, aren’t they?

Among the other secrets spilt, Alia shared her fashion faux pas – “My biggest red carpet mistake was last year at the Screen awards; I wore green eyeshadow.” Also, that it annoys Katrina to know that Alia has read her messages but is simply choosing not to respond!