Vogue BFFs Season 2: Deepika’s dropped pyjamas and other secrets spilled!


If you, like us, are tempted to delay weekend party plans and stay in till ‘BFFs With Vogue’ airs Saturday night, we are all collectively hooked! The much-awaited episode brought us plenty to chuckle over. Deepika Padukone and her golfer sister Anisha Padukone provided some interesting peeks into the Padukone family, and gosh their bluntness is most refreshing! Here’s why we think so…

Asked about an award she knew she was going to get beforehand, Deepika didn’t blink before she quipped, “Lots… Stardust awards, Screen awards… lots.”


Quizzed on Deepika’s worst film, Anisha didn’t need to think a minute before announcing, Chandni Chowk to China!

When Anisha was asked who she would date from amongst Deepika’s friends, she announced, “Bradley Cooper.” Well, he isn’t Deepika’s friend, so super-cool Anisha tells her older sis, “Well then you had better get to work!”

Asked to complete the sentence, ‘Ranveer stop doing _____________’, Deepika was quick to fill in the blank with “Outrageous clothes!”

They also got together to give India’s fave Man in Blue some brutal advice. Asked about which famous sportsman should retire, they chorused, “MS Dhoni from T20s”. They maintained it was said with a heavy heart, but was nevertheless true!

More true confessions coming up from Deepika… Asked about who brings out the best in her, other than Ranveer, and she blurts out, “Ranbir…” before quickly adding, “Oh, Irrfan Khan!”

And then it could only be a sister who could go and smash your carefully cultivated image on national TV… Anisha went on to narrate what her older sibling, the gorgeous megastar Deepika is actually like early in the morning. “You have to imagine this visual of mine,” she narrated, “It’s about 7 in the morning and we are just about waking up. I’m still tossing and turning. She gets up and her pyjamas completely fall down! And instead of picking them up, she turns to me to see whether I’m awake. And the minute she looks at me, she picks them up and goes running to the loo! This was two months ago. I was like, for all the grace and poise, this is what people need to see. This is the real you.”