Vogue BFFs Season 2: Shweta is a stalker; Karan pretends to like EDM!


You’re at your most comfortable with your bestie and when you’re together the sparks fly and the tongue runs away spilling secrets! The episode of ‘BFFs With Vogue’ featuring Karan Johar and his best bud, Shweta Bachchan Nanda, ticks all these boxes.
The two had a blast getting candid with host Neha Dhupia. And they were pretty ruthless – even with each other, just like besties have the right to be!

For instance, Shweta poked fun at Karan’s near-obsession with B-town’s young brigade. “These days he hangs out with a lot of young people. Like, only,” she jibed. “They must've said something about EDM one time. And every time we've hung out after that, Karan's been like 'Guys let's put on some EDM!' We’re like, ‘Do you even know what EDM even is?’ He is trying and my heart goes out to him, but, NOOOO, please stop it!.” Karan, guilty and proud of it, didn’t even bother to defend himself.


He did get his own back when he went on to reveal Shweta’s stalking ways! “She’s obsessed with her kids’ lives,” he declared, adding, “She is the world’s biggest stalker. She is the Jagga Jasoos on the Internet. And she’ll discuss all of them, not just Navya. Aryan, Suhana, Ananya... You think I hang out with them at parties, but at least I am not stalking them online.” Ouch!

Karan happily took a few digs at himself too revealing that he would do anything for the money! “Money, I'd do anything for. I've done Indian television, I've danced on reality shows. For money, I'd go to the opening of an envelope,” he wisecracked.

Of course, there were times they had their own inside jokes and cracked up happily – and we didn’t have to use the grey cells too much to figure who they were referring to! Quizzed about who needs a shrink in Bollywood, K Jo immediately retorted, “Everyone knows who needs a shrink in Bollywood. I'm not saying it, but everyone knows!” Naughty, naughty!
The duo showed their mischievous side again when asked who the most overrated actor in Bollywood was. All Karan would do was the repeat, “Bollywood? Nahi bolegi.”