How Akshay Kumar turned into ‘Prank Man’ from ‘PadMan’!


Often one enjoys a good laugh watching bloopers of a film. However, with this behind the scenes clip, you’ll probably find us on the floor rolling with laughter!

Akshay Kumar as PadMan, a.k.a. a human turned superhero might be saving lives on the screen, however, off-screen, that’s another story. The actor devilishly transformed into a prankster pulling off pranks on everyone!

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From improvising lines mid-scene to throwing fake lizards to sticking notes behind the backs of the crew members, Akshay really had the crew on their toes all the time.

He is seen fooling around director R. Balki, however, the director knows better than to let his guard down and catches Akshay red-handed. And to make things worse, Akshay had the crew members make a fake lizard to scare everyone causing utter chaos and terror. We can feel our soul leave if someone did that to us!

In other clips, Akshay is just seen fooling around with Sonam Kapoor and mock fighting her. And when the two of them try to play the tabla on clay pots, somehow they all kept breaking… huh, we wonder why. Sonam finally manages to pull a prank on Akshay when he is sleeping and she paints a moustache on him.

From feeding monkeys to playing cricket with the crew members, the actor certainly kept a state of normalcy.

Radhika Apte, however, bared the brunt of it the most. Akshay would improvise lines to make her laugh mid-scene or just have other crew members help him hide her phone. Poor Radhika! Although she tries her best to improvise scenes to break Akshay’s character, he sees it coming from a mile! The clip ends with Radhika swearing, “I will take my revenge.” For Radhika’s sake, we hope she bags one, but until then it’s Akshay – 25012017 and Radhika, well, 0.

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