A little monkey for Bipasha and Karan?


Bipasha Basu’s ‘Monkey Love’, husband Karan Singh Grover didn’t just post a real loved-up message to his “sweet precious princess” on her birthday. Smitten wifey Bipasha has been gushing about how her hunk “decorated the whole house and I loved it. He called all my closest friends for the birthday and that is like the best thing ever and my family.” She also added another detail that got all antennae on alert: “He has also given me a special gift which will arrive in a few days (laughs). But that I can’t tell you.” What makes it even more intriguing was Karan adding, “And everyone is waiting.’’

So, will it finally be ‘good news’ for this smitten twosome? We certainly have our fingers crossed. The duo, who married on April 30, 2016, remain as loved-up as ever. Karan gushed over Bips in his birthday message to her, thanking her for being born and filling his life and all the other lives she touches with happiness and abundance. “You’re truly the best kinda girl there is!” he summed up. And Bipasha remains enchanted by her husband; they are rarely if ever seen apart.

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Fans and well-wishers are naturally hoping it is indeed baby time for the couple. Not long ago, Bipasha had stated, “We love babies. But both of us need more alone time together — because once the baby arrives, it’s always only baby time. That’s the way we both think.” Well, close to two years since they tied the knot and they are probably okay with bringing another li’l monkey into their personal space.


Rubbishing rumours of her alleged pregnancy earlier in 2017, Bips had maintained that the curiosity about her being pregnant was sweet and a little annoying. “The constant guessing game is tiring,” she claimed. In December last year, the pregnancy rumours arose again, when she and Karan were clicked outside Hinduja hospital, where most of B-town goes to have their babies. However, she again dissed the rumours, saying, “I am not pregnant, please end this speculation.” It was supposedly Karan’s stomach infection that had brought them to the hospital.

So, we will simply give Bips the benefit of the doubt right now and wait for her to spill the beans on her ‘special gift’.