Indian Artist Mangal Suvarnan Gets A Yes From Rihanna!


It’s no secret that 2017 was officially ruled by the one and only – Rihanna. Yes, it was Riri dominating us all through the year. Now, imagine what a dream come true it would be if one of us got an opportunity to not just meet this superstar, but go a step ahead and collaborate with this world-renowned artist. With Manushi Chillar winning the crown, it was only a matter of time that another Indian did us proud.

Make way for Mangal Suvarnan, 27-year-old electronic and acoustic music producer, DJ, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist talented artist. If you thought that this was one hell of an exhaustive list, Mangal just dropped an international bomb and etched himself another title.

This Dubai-based artist just did what every artist secretly wishes to do, collaborate with bad girl Riri. Yes, this brand new ‘Consideration’  remix from Riri's latest album ‘Anti’, released on the 8th of December reinforces Mangal’s standing in the music industry.

The young talent who already has a long list of stellar credentials attached to his list, just outdid himself and made the country proud with this milestone of an achievement.

In an exclusive interview with, Mangal spilled the beans on the long process before he got the magical nod from Rihanna, “There is this event called Amsterdam dance event which is a big conference for dance music. I’ve been going there for 3 years in a row where all the big acts take place. From Martin Garix to the managers to the label owners everyone comes there. This year I went with my manager Eric, who was introducing me to everyone. And on the final day while I and my manager were having lunch he whatsapped me the links of Rihanna’s raw files and asked me to take a crack at it. It would have to go through a lot of approvals but asked me to still go ahead and try it. I spent the day putting my heart and soul into it. I did a rough edit with my sound which is like a bass guitar, electric guitar, and bansuri flute and sent it to my manager. Eric went ahead and sent my rough work to Def Jam and Westbury Road Entertainment who basically are the guys who signed the first track of Rihanna, Jay Z, and Justin Bieber. The guys straight up liked the track and sent it to Roc Nation management. And that’s it! Three am in the morning I got a message from Eric that the track has been approved.”

On being asked about his Bollywood plans, he quoted “No plans of Bollywood anytime in the near future. I could consider Indian music. There are quite a few artists who are really inspirational in India. But definitely not mainstream Bollywood.”


Last but not the least, when asked about what was in store for 2018, he added, “There are quite a few gigs in India. In fact, a lot of performances in India and international. I have another collaboration with Israeli artist, and another remix with another artist which is due to come out soon. I am also a part of a movie which is an English movie based in Kerela, for which I have already dubbed three tracks. “

Mangal has opened for a slew of Internation A-list artists Romanian producer Edward Maya for the first Holi Festival of Colours in Abu Dhabi. The artist also has received tons of accolades and support for his music fromLuke, Pete Tong, Armin van Buuren, Above and Beyond, and Cosmic.

This latest remixed track with Riri garnered over 65, 000 plays in just about three days, making Mangal the artist you need to definitely need to watch out for. We can’t wait to see what this talented artist has in store for us in 2018!