“I don’t think scared is the right word”: Shahid’s take on the Padmavati controversy


It’s admirable to see Shahid Kapoor back his director up in the midst of the continuing Padmavati controversy. With the film, which was to release on December 1 delayed indefinitely and no certification from the CBFC forthcoming yet, the sense of loss and confusion is high. Yet Shahid chooses to give the lion’s share of sympathy to Bhansali. “He is at the forefront (of the controversy). It has been tough for Bhansali. He is the one who has to primarily deal with the controversy because of the film in his interpretation. Even though we (Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and himself) are the faces of the film, Bhansali's vision is being questioned,” the star said in an interview.

Shahid maintains that the film is phenomenal, adding, “People will eventually view it for what it is. It's becoming a game of patience. That the film is not being viewed is not right. It needs to be shown to people; opinions must be made after viewing it.”

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Speaking like quite the veteran he pointed out, “With an experience of 15 years in the industry, I have braved different scenarios. I have seen what transpired with that film (Udta Punjab). Eventually, it released and it is among the most celebrated films of 2016. So, I am looking forward to future projects.”

He also came out to thank Kangana Ranaut for extending her support to Padmavati. “You feel very grateful that people are supporting you, so I am thankful to Kangana (Ranaut), and to everybody else who has spoken for Padmavati, and have been so kind and brave to come out there and express themselves. Sometimes there has been anger, sometimes people have been emotional, sometimes they have been very logical in breaking it down, but there are a lot of people from the fraternity who have come out and spoken for the film.”

Clarifying his stand on the situation, he said: “I don't think scared is the right word. I don't think creative people should be scared because you can't create if you are constricted. You can't create unless you feel liberated and open, and I think art is a reflection of society at large. So it is important to express yourself with a certain sense of freedom, especially in a democracy.”

Very well-said, Mr. Kapoor!