Done and Dusted: Hrithik supports Sussanne but remarrying not part of the plan


We admit we have been among the many who have secretly wished that divorced partners Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan would give their marriage another shot. Every time they are spotted together – and they do get around a lot! – whether for holidays with their kids or dining out, they appear so happy and comfortable in one another’s company, it is only natural that the world presumes they will eventually get back together. Who can resist the image of a happy family, after all?!


However, the truth, according to those in the know, is that there could be no such reconciliation. While the two are devoted to their kids and strive to make life as stress-free and comfortable for them, there is apparently zero chance of them actually giving their marriage another shot. Neither of them wants to go down that street at all – their marriage is completely done and dusted, as far as they are concerned.

However, they are quite comfortable with being there for each other as friends, as they co-parent their children. In fact, Hrithik is reportedly a staunch supporter of Sussanne’s interior design venture as well, backing up his ex-wife on multiple levels. In return, Sussanne too has been more than forthcoming in her support of her ex-husband, a fact that she made amply clear during his ugly controversy with Kangana Ranaut, as she constantly vouched for his character on social media.

While their separation in 2013 followed by a divorce had sent shock waves through the industry, it was the way the couple handled their family life once the dust had settled, that made them a model for others to follow. Sussanne had revealed at one point, “We had reached a stage in our lives where I decided that it is better we weren't together. It was important to be aware and not be in a false relationship. We are close (friends).”
That evident closeness is what has generated hopes of a reconciliation.

However, the romantics among us yearning for a remarriage will have to accept the reality – this once couple will support each other in other ways but neither is in any mood to take the plunge with each other again.