Sorry, Sunil Grover - Kapil Sharma won’t help you get any films!


Promoting his film, Firangi, motor-mouth Kapil Sharma has been in his element, whether it is discussing fights, films or fellow comedian and ex-colleague Sunil Grover. Here’s a sampling of what he said…

A question as to whether he would bring Sunil into films as well, is met with the typical Sharmaesque retort, “Maine kya usse godh liya hua hai? (Have I adopted him?)” Sorry, Sunil. That does look like a definite no! However, when questioned if he would work with Sunil again, he said, “Of course, he is a talented actor.”

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About the fallout of his big mid-air fight with Grover, Kapil retorted, “Tell me even one actor who hasn’t faced controversies! What crime have I committed that people would hate me? See, when people love someone and something like this (their spat) happens, the criticism is also of the same level.” He continued in the same vein, “I was once asked if my equation post the fight with Sunil Grover will affect the film and I asked that person, ‘Have you ever fought with your friend? He said yes, and I questioned, ‘Then why are you asking me this?’ In fact, I would say don’t watch my film if you haven’t fought with your friend. If you have, you have the answer to your question.” Always did have a way with words, didn’t he?

Discussing his depression phase, he revealed, “I took the entire thing seriously and was stressing if people must have started hating me but then I also feel proud that the audience feels I am a part of them… While people ask other actors permission for a picture, with me they drag me close and take a picture.” True, Kapil is not exactly Shah Rukh Khan, after all!

Faced with suggestions that it was the dipping TRPs, his struggle with alcoholism and his unprofessional behaviour which drove the nails into his show, ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, all he quipped was, “I opined we needed a break.”

Welcome back, smarrrt boy!