Hear this: Before Shraddha said yes, Alia had said no to Prabhas!


You have got to hand it to Alia Bhatt. She says what she means and pretty much does what she says. Given that she has always reiterated her desire to do performance-oriented roles, she actually had the guts to say no to a film featuring her huge crush – Prabhas himself!

News filters in that while Prabhas’ rumored girlfriend Anushka Shetty had been the initial choice for the upcoming Saaho, her increasing weight had become a sore point, leading the makers to look at other options. Their best choice? Bollywood’s most loved Alia Bhatt. She should have jumped at the chance, right? But, evidently, not! Apparently the actress, despite being a big admirer of the hunky Prabhas – she had previously even said she would never miss a chance to work with the southern sensation – actually declined the offer!

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The role, she felt, was simply not on par with his, and this would just not do, considering her own commitment to doing only performance-oriented roles. A role which featured her character more in a supporting vein, and in comparatively far fewer scenes, was simply not attractive enough to sign up for. Despite mentor Karan Johar being gung-ho about the offer, his attempts to persuade her proved unfruitful. Alia stuck to her principles and politely declined. Team Saaho then apparently moved on to Shraddha Kapoor, who quite naturally welcomed the offer with open arms.

Saaho, for those of you who are not in the know, is a sci-fi action film, which is being made in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. Buzz goes that it will be a reincarnation story, portraying two different eras. While the teaser of the film depicted a modern and futuristic city, the first schedule of the film featured a few sequences set in the pre-Independence era. One grand scene was shot in a colonial Indian setting, with British flags fluttering around the ground. Rest assured, this one has the makings of Baahubali style grandeur as well, with 100 plus horses present on the set featuring in a mammoth action sequence. Come back soon, Prabhas, you have been missed!