“We need to concentrate on our work”: Did Sidharth finally confirm his split?


It was on November 10 that PeepingMoon.com broke the story about the Sidharth Malhotra-Alia Bhatt split. While the world was going gaga over their pictures at Shah Rukh’s Alibaug bash, raving over how he borrowed her face-freshener, and she pinched his T-shirt for the ride back, we had more sombre news to break… The two were actually split wide open, and were single again. Perhaps still nursing wounds, they were not yet seeing anybody either. They were still civil with each another in social circles; at worst, ignoring each other whenever they could. We also confirmed that it was neither Varun Dhawan nor Jacqueline Fernandez who had played any part in the parting, which was a decision the couple had taken entirely themselves.

Now Sidharth comes out to discuss his relationship, and without saying too much, he manages to say a lot… Talking about the link-up reports with his A Gentleman co-star Jacqueline Fernandez, he points out, “I think when an actor is seen with another person, too much is read into it, and that is not fair to any of the parties involved. I was promoting a film with Jacqueline, who was the lead heroine. Alia was travelling at that time. I don’t think she could even see A Gentleman. So there is nothing to explain. A picture can say a thousand words but maybe not the correct ones (laughs)! We meet so many people with whom we get connected and work with; and that’s how we form different kinds of relationships. Out of that, some relationships carry on regardless of work and that’s how it has always been.”

He also demolishes hopes of him and Alia having rekindled their relationship, when they were spotted exiting a Diwali party together… “I think people read too much into a picture, in which we might have entered or exited from a party. We used to be clicked before and the same happens even now. I think in between, if we didn’t meet, people thought there must be something wrong. People have seen us together in two films but I think when they did not see us [together] for some time, they started raising questions about rekindling and such things, but there is nothing to clarify, accept or deny. We have great regard for each other. There is nothing much into it to read.” Sorry fans, it does look like the romantic past is over and done with.

And if more proof were needed, he practically snaps, “Yes, everything is fine and there is nothing to be not okay or read too much into it. I think it’s a phase where we really need to concentrate on our work. I hope people talk about Ittefaq more than I being clicked with Alia.”

Now let’s go nurse our broken hearts in private