SRK reveals why he spends his birthday with fans & media, each year, same manner...


Shah Rukh Khan's birthday rituals have been same for as long any fan can recall. On his birthday eve, he spends time with his close family and friends, rushes to either his farmhouse in Alibaug or has an intimate celebration. However, the next day, by fail, he greets his fans from his house, Mannat's balcony, and addresses the media in a special press conference. Strangely or so, where maximum actors chose to leave the country, shy away from the papz and celebrate their birthday away from media glare, SRK does the opposite.

At the special press con for his birthday today, Khan was asked about the same. That how does feel to do the same thing every year? And, is there something that he hasn't done until today? To this, the man who has his way with words answered "I'm not a very exciting person, I don't have much to do. People don't realize this but I'm really lazy. I like to sit in one place but I'm working all the time so it's the easiest and nicest way. I meet you guys (media), so the b'day is good and I also feel I should meet everyone on my birthday." He further added, "I feel that people celebrate good days with their family. So, I celebrate my special day with you all, as we guys have a connection in a certain way. You guys have the same job, I have the same job. Then the people who watch our work (audience) are also in the same job. If they won't watch films or interviews, then we all will be out of the job."
"And, I do spend time with my family in evening but on festivals like Eid and Diwali, it's good to be with own people," shared Khan. And for the repetitive celebrations, SRK had a suggestion for the media persons,"So next time you all decide the theme of the party and then we will do it!"