Sunny against cyber bullying, urges support for victims


It’s not uncommon to see the likes of brave gals like Sonam Kapoor and Masaba Gupta take on the trolls and send across a message that they won’t be bullied. However, most actresses prefer to ignore the hate and get on with their lives. Sunny Leone preferred to go one step further. Kudos to the star for not just speaking up about being harassed on social networking platforms, but actually deciding to proactively fight it!

One of India’s most searched celebrities on Google, Sunny Leone has been upfront in her support of the NGO, Akancha Against Harassment. As an influencer, with a massive following from across age groups, she has been sending out the message that online abuse is not okay and that the menace is best fought together with the authorities.

Now she reveals a frightening incident of cyber stalking, which led to her resolving to fight cyber harassment and online abuse. Apparently, she had been specifically threatened by an online abuser, who warned her that he would come to her house and cause harm. Living alone, and with husband Daniel Weber out of the country, she was paralysed by fear, she says. Noises outside her house would spook her and she prepared to protect herself by keeping a knife at the ready in her hand. It was a nightmare come alive when her tormentor, who was a social media user with a considerable fan-following, actually arrived at her doorstep. Sunny recalls how the man started banging on her door. She feared that a mob would turn up outside her house and break in, considering she had also face bullying from the harasser’s Twitter followers.

Scarred by the incident, not even the installing of cameras outside her home, or even changing house could erase the memories of this incident.

She points out that she is personally strong and people have been supportive of her, which has helped her deal with the issue of cyber bullying. However, not everyone is capable of dealing with it, she says, adding that many youngsters go through depression on account of cyber bullying and many even resort to ending their lives. Victims need help, she maintained, and the issue needs to be addressed, and awareness raised.

More power to you, and the movement, Sunny Leone.