Why steamy nights in hotel rooms kill Karan’s mojo…


Karan Johar was on his way to being considered the Oprah-meets-Ellen of the Indian small screen. But that was before Neha Dhupia became the Pasha of Podcasts, for the secrets she manages to inveigle from her celebrity guests.

KJo was on her show recently, and here’s a glimpse of the revelations she effortlessly managed to extract from him…

Afraid to come out of the water…
In a throwback to that retro song, about a girl who’s too mortified to be spotted at the beach in her itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini, KJo has some similar experiences when it comes to his swimming pool entries and exits. This is how it generally goes… “As soon as it’s pitch dark, at about 8:30 I go literally like a heroine, you know with a towel wrapped around me like no one’s going to look because I feel like some paparazzi will come. I wear these kaccha type of swimming costumes and long shorts then I wrap myself with a towel and when nobody is looking, I quickly slip into the pool so nobody sees me. Then when I’m stepping out, I have somebody assist me and give me the towel like one big ’90s heroine and I’ll wrap myself around this towel quickly and then I walk out.

Mission Cover Up!
Body Beautiful? He sure doesn’t think so. “I’m very shy of my body because it’s not a body worth being proud about.” Ouch, that’s being too harsh, we say. But the fact is that Karan apparently feels naked wearing just a T-shirt. He shares, “Last night I went out with the boys like Varun and Arjun and Adi and it was so hot. We went to this place called Su Casa. They asked me to remove my jacked because I was sweating. Then I removed my jacket and I was just in a black T-shirt and I swear I felt naked. Because I felt shy, I felt awkward and I was behaving like somebody had completely taken advantage of me because I was feeling so completely isolated in that space full of thousand people and I was like just get me out of here, I’m just wearing a black T-shirt. I couldn’t handle it.”

Lights Out!
Neha even got him to speak about day sex, morning sex and then sex with the lights off. “The worst is when you’re in the heat of it and in hotels, you don’t know where the switches are…So, by the time you’re in the throngs of ecstasy and you’re pressing and prodding all over the place, the mojo is dead. The lights are off but the mojo is dead. It defeats the purpose. Which is why I prepare myself. I put off most of the lights, then I welcome the guest. And then I perform!”