Aditya Narayan Airline Row: Now, Batchmate spills truth!


Will singer and TV host Aditya Narayan come out and attack an old college mate now? That’s the thought on many minds as a batchmate of his from Mithibai college has come out to reveal on a social networking site – “I remember him being suspended from college for a week because of misbehavior with security guards. Old habits die hard.#AdityaNarayan.” The girl has shared that Aditya's suspension notice had been put up on the notice board of Mithibai college, leading to everyone on campus being well aware of this development.

This revelation casts an added shadow over the singer son of Udit Narayan, who made headlines for all the wrong reasons after a video of him threatening an airline employee went viral.

Aditya Narayan had been stopped 7 at the Raipur airport because he had more luggage than the permissible limit. He had apparently refused to pay the amount for the excess baggage and flew into a rage instead. Unfortunately for him, the incident was captured on camera and Aditya’s misbehaviour didn’t remain a secret. He is to be seen telling an airline official: “Teri chaddi na utari, mera naam Aditya Narayan nahin.” Aditya is also seen threatening the airline staff by saying, “I will see you in Bombay. At some point or the other, we will reach Mumbai and then we shall see.”

It was only he apologized to the ground staff that Aditya and his team were given their boarding cards.

But for a minor detail – since Aditya’s unruly behaviour happened at the airport before he had boarded the aircraft – the provisions of the newly created no-fly list cannot be applied to him. Apparently, it is only unruly behaviour onboard an aircraft which can ground a passenger for anywhere from a few months to a lifetime, depending on his or her severity of bad behaviour.

Back to the Twitter revelation by his ex-batch mate, she was predictably blasted by so-called fans of Aditya, but dug her heels in, claiming she had done nothing wrong but shared a personal account, and had no reason to apologize.

Bullies, go find other targets.