Kangana-Anand team up for TWM 3, Madhavan unaware!


Anand L Rai had long parried talk of part three of his highly engaging Tanu Weds Manu series. A good three years after its sequel, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, the third installment of this Kangana-Madhavan entertainer-with-a-heart will roll. Both Kangana and Anand confirmed the news that the third part will have to be “crackling”. Currently occupied with her film Manikarnika, Kangana is waiting for the pressure to ease before she can spend time with Rai and take the discussion further.

However, R. Madhavan, who met Anand two days back, is not in the loop regarding these developments. When PeepingMoon.com exclusively got in touch with the actor, he DENIED any such news and shared that he was "unaware of any such development."

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Speaking about Tanu Weds Manu, his first hit which came in 2011, Anand avers that both the film and the leading lady became close to his heart. Both he and Kangana enjoyed working together on TWM, he shares, and they went on to share a great rapport. However, he recalls that when they got together for the sequel, four years after the first film hit screens, they had changed vastly as persons. He tried looking for the Kangana he knew and couldn’t find her… and that’s when realisation struck that while her loyalty was with the actor within her, he himself wasn’t taking the film as seriously.

That poetic explanation attempts to justify the long delay in their taking the franchise ahead. Alluding to the rumours of a fallout between him and his leading lady, Anand demolishes the idea claiming that there has been nothing of the kind and he is simply waiting to be done with his film with Shah Rukh Khan before they start working on the script for the third part.

Kangana is more forthright, accepting that Anand might have been miffed by her behaviour during the filming of TWM Returns. Apparently, she had to work very hard to make her characters Datto and Tanu completely different from each other, which could have distanced Anand from her. She also quips that Anand is the sort who needs a lot of pampering. Interesting. And here we thought it was Kangana who needed to be handled with kid gloves!