Payal Rohatgi arrested by the Ahmedabad Police for threatening her society's chairperson on social media


Payal Rohatgi has been arrested by the Ahmedabad Police in Gujarat. The actress has been arrested for threatening and hurling abuse at her society's chairperson on social media. On June 22, Payal took to Instagram a video of the papers she received from District Registrar office on filing RTI. The actress mentioned that the formation of Sundarvan Epitome Cooperative Housing Service Society was illegally done.

Calling the chairman of the society Parag Sevantibhai Shah a 'goon', Payal captioned the video as, "Going through papers that I received from District Registrar office on filing RTI to know how Sundarvan Epitome Cooperative Housing Service Society was formed. Numbering is misleading. Are 100 pages are missing ? I was busy so I didn’t bother to personally check. After yesterday drama, to know how illegal society was formed is gonna be my next timepass. But dear members of SE I have all your information now. From your Aadhar Card to your FALSE affidavits What say Parag Sevantibhai Shah ? Chairman or LOCAL GUNDA ? Rawal Gayatri Jayesh tell your doctor husband to stop screaming at me like a MAD man. I think he needs MENTAL help. He can take Anti-depressants for time being. Neela Madhusudhan Sheth even U can go to jail if u HIT me, please REMEMBER that Chintan Bhagatbhai Sheth tell your brother to wear mask and keep his mouth shut. I will be able to identify all easily now for police complaints in future if anyone tries to CHARGE towards me Wanna talk about Right To Privacy ? #payalrohatgi #sundarvanepitome #byelaws

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Sharing another set of document, Payal wrote, "Filing FALSE affidavit is a CRIMINAL offence ??? What say ? Parag Sevantibhai Shah ????? U can READ Gujarati properly ? Will @ahmedabadpolice consider this a Criminal Offence ? The registrar should know as I am simply asking a question on my social media  #payalrohatgi #sundarvanepitome #byelaws

3 days later, the actress was arrested this afternoon. 

Note: This is a developing story! 

(Source: Instagram)