Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 Day 2: Fancy bows to floaty shoes, Pero's colourful characters are 'Locked in Love'


Fun and frolic, pretty and playful was what it was as the Pero label from Aneeth Arora presented the topically-named ‘Locked in Love’ collection at Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 Digital First Season Fluid Edition.

It was like a storybook unfolding before you as you encountered Alice the bookworm, Pearl the sleepyhead, Margaret the homemaker, Arial the little mermaid, Livia the fashionista, Elizabeth the baker, Mimiko and Michiko the twins, Florence the flower child.


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Inspired by the Kawai Japanese street-style culture of Harajuku fashion, you saw laces, ribbons and bows that brought to the surface the child in the wearer. On view were traditional embroideries like bullion and French knots, painted and printed flowers, laser cuts and hand-folded petals of fabrics.

The textile base of Mashru, gabardine and taffeta sourced from South India, as well as sheer, lightweight, stripes woven in Banaras were splashed with printed and woven motifs.

Adding to the attractiveness of it all were the Grounds brand of shoes from Japan, said to be great for walking, making the wearer almost float because of their high, transparent, amazing soles. And added to the footwear were handcrafted upcycled and hand embroidery, with flower sequins, ribbons, laces and bows.

All in all, this was one fun fashion film that you wanted to see again and again.