November 30, 2017
BB 11: Nov 29 - Hiten loses his cool, Akash is tortured badly!

What the hell is happening in the Bigg Boss house? No seriously, I have been following the serial for past 10 seasons, we have seen Dolly Bindra, Imam Siddiqui, Arman..... Read More

November 29, 2017
BB 11: Nov 28 - Hina tortures Bandgi with chili powder, Akash waxes Hiten's legs!

With each passing day relationships in the house are changing their colors. Friends are turning foes and looks like everybody is fighting for their survival. The contestants wake up to the..... Read More

November 28, 2017
BB 11 - Nov 27- Puneesh throws his footwear at Akash, Hina misbehaves with Shilpa

Fights in the house are inevitable owing to the format of the show. This season we have seen contestants fighting over religion, sexual preference, gender and today they fought for..... Read More

November 27, 2017
BB11: Nov 26 - Sapna Choudhary Evicted, thanks to Hina Khan!

Since the day 1 in the house, Sapna Choudhary who entered as a commoner in the house became popular when she fought with Zuber Khan for foul language. She was..... Read More

November 26, 2017
BB11: Nov 25 - Housemates once again call for Salman's wrath

You need some guts in life to irk Salman Khan or you need to be plain stupid. I think the housemates of BB 11, especially Hina Khan, belongs to the..... Read More

November 25, 2017
BB11: Nov 24 - Finally, Hiten Tejwani crowned ‘Captain’ of the house

Akash says Puneesh is dead to him, Shilpa does not want to talk to Akash ever again, no one was sent to "Kaal Kothari" this week Sun sets on one more..... Read More

November 24, 2017
BB11: Nov 23 - Priyank calls Shilpa and Arshi "Saand" (Bull) and Fat

Arguments between housemates continue on Day 3 of the courtroom drama that has been going on in the house for the luxury budget. Sapna and Arshi fight and demean each..... Read More