Karan Mehra makes a shocking revelation about estranged wife Nisha Rawal's affair, says 'she has been living with another man in my house for the past 11 months'


Karan Mehra has been in the spotlight for his strained relationship with estranged wife Nisha Rawal since last year. Now, Karan has claimed that Nisha has been having an extramarital affair for the past 11 months and that they are staying together in his house, months after she accused him of infidelity and sexual assault.

Karan has said that Nisha has been living with a man in his house for the last 11 months. He noted that Nisha herself confessed to the affair. He shared that the man has been married and he left his wife and children to live with Nisha. According to a new portal, Karan said, "Even today a man is living in my house. For the last 11 months, that person has been staying in my house. He has entered my house, leaving his wife and children."

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He also accused Nisha of snatching away his properties, cars and businesses. Karan hinted it was all well planned and now he is ready to put up a strong fight against Nisha as he has gathered all evidence that would make his case stronger.

Last year, Karan was arrested by Mumbai Police after Nisha's complaint that he had physically abused her. Consequently, the police registered a case under sections 336, 337, 332, 504, and 506 of the IPC on the basis of the statement of the actor's wife. Karan was later released on bail.

(Source: ETimes)