Bizarre shawl strangulation scene in ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ makes netizens come up with hilarious memes


It’s pretty illogical to find logic in Indian TV soap dramas. Having said that, this doesn’t mean that all content on TV is bad but when they are over-the-top they give ammunition to Indian netizens to come up with hilarious memes on the internet. The latest meme-fodder for Indian Twitterati comes from the serial Sasural Simar Ka which is well known for some bizarre storylines.

In the latest show clip that is going viral on the internet, we see ‘Mataji’ played by Jayati Bhatia and ‘Pari’ played by Shweta Sinha sharing a scene that is worthy of a hard facepalm. In the scene, Pari can be seen pleading and apologizing to her Mataji but to no avail as the latter pays no heed to her requests and doesn’t even bother to look at her. In a bizarre turn of event, Pari who is groveling on the ground gets entangled in Mataji’s shawl who wants to leave the room in a huff. However, the villainous shawl plays spoil sport and Pari gets strangled with it and loses consciousness. Mataji, without bothering to take another look at Pari storms out of the room leaving her unconscious on the floor.

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The Twitterati could not contain their amusement and came up with some hilarious memes. Check them out below:

(Source: Twitter)