What separation! 'We’re not separated and are staying together,' reveals Abhinav Kohli while addressing his post on Shweta Tiwari


Shweta Tiwari and Abhinav Kohli made headlines after their marriage hit the rock bottom in 2019. The actress went on to lodge a complaint against him at the police station for making use of abusive language for his step-daughter Palak Tiwari and allegedly accused him of domestic violence. Following this, Shweta ended her second marriage within six years. A few months into their separation, Abhinav, on Tuesday (June 9), shared a video of Shweta with her Mere Dad Ki Dulhan co-star Fahmaan Khan. Soon after, he was slammed for posting the video and fans of the actress asked him to not pull off such stints against Shweta. His random post made people say 'move on'.

Talking to an entertainment portal about the random video, Abhinav told people to remain patient as his future posts will make the purpose clear. However, while discussing, he went on to mention the term 'our residence' that surprised all. "I wouldn’t want to talk much about it right now, but yes, there will be more posts in the near future for the viewers to have clarity. And for the record, Fahmaan and Shweta didn’t just bump into each other. It was a planned meeting below our residence," Abhinav told.


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When probed further, he made a shocking revelation that Shweta and he aren't separated and are staying together too. Abhinav dodged further questions by saying, he can't talk more about it. "We’re not separated. We are staying together. I can’t speak much about it," Abhinav concluded.

Shweta and Abhinav have a son named Reyansh Kohli.

(Source: Telly Chakkar)