Anchoring for IPL is a different high altogether : Rochelle Rao


Ex-Miss India and now Mrs Rochelle Rao will make her first appearance post her wedding on the field as she is set to host the IPL's brand new travel segment On the Road. Rochelle, who grabbed eyeballs when she first hosted the most anticipated sports event of the year returns to the IPL scene after a small break but this time with an interesting travel show as she will travel across the country on an IPL pilgrimage capturing the various sights and sounds of the tournament.

The beaming new bride shared with us, "This time around I am going to be doing something that is a little more relaxed and fun for the IPL. I will be doing a kind of a travel meets sports piece, where I will be visiting the various IPL cities and talking about the biggest attractions of the cities, and also those particular cities connected to the sport. So its a really fun segment I am working on, with a lot of travel involved! A lot of food, culture and of course cricket!."
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Rochelle is rather relaxed this time around after hosting the previous season of the most loved sports event in the country. "So initially when the first few seasons started, I remember my friends telling me that I would be great this job! But little did I know that I would at some point be part of this big glamorous thing that was new to India! Speaking of which I will always remember hosting my very first game, which was in Chennai. I remember having walked onto the field with my all-access pass, and my friends were up on the stands, I was waving to them! Showing off about the fact that I could walk up and down the pitch, hang out with all the cricketers and speak to all the experts. But I do remember being really nervous as well. I remember being slightly overwhelmed, but the minute the camera got rolling I realized that it was all as simple as watching the game back at home whilst discussing it with my brothers and father," shared Rochelle.
After her win at the beauty pageant, Rochelle went to host events across the country & became a household name with her very first season of IPL, though she believes hosting for IPL is very different compared to other events.'"I think anchoring for IPL is very different. There is a lot of travel involved of course, as there are back to back games happening. So you are ideally in the midst of a lot of crazy action happening, careers being made, careers crumbling, and everyone's just kind of watching you in between all of that."