Rangoli Chandel shares an audio clip of Kangana Ranaut's lawyer Rizwan's phone call with Aditya Pancholi; says they share a brotherly equation

Aditya Pancholi's and Kangana Ranaut's spat took an ugly turn when Aditya filed a complaint against Kangana's lawyer for blackmailing him with rape case charges. Later, he submitted a video of the actress' lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui wherein he is seen threating him to take back his defamation charges against Kangana, else he will face rape case charges. Now, Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli has shared an audio clip of Aditya speaking with Kangana's lawyer Rizwan over the phone and both seem to be in peace, calling each other "bhai".

"My lawyer Rizwan who happens to be like a brother to Zareena Wahab gave this to me, this is how he talks to Pancholi, this is their equation, there is no chance of threatening when two individual talk like this (Aditya calling Rizwan )...," tweeted Rangoli with the audio. The audio starts with both Rizwan and Aditya greeting each other and then Pancholi telling him to go ahead with his client's (Kangana) case and that he will go ahead with his own. He then goes on to tell lawyer Rizwan that his family and he have been very hurt and he will talk to him about it later. Aditya also says that Rizwan was always like a brother to him and will always remain his "bhai". 

"My wife and I discussed after our meeting and we have decided that you go ahead with your case and we will go ahead with ours. You are a brother and you will always be a brother and you will be representing her and that's your job. But you will always remain my brother and one day I will sit and explain to you how hurt I am. One day, I will explain how hurt me and my family was. You don't know the real story. You just don't know. I looked after her (Kangana) like my own child yaar. So, you are always going to be my friend, my brother. We are going ahead with our case and your client and you can do whatever your case requires," says Aditya Pancholi during the phone call. This phone call is from January 2019. 

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For the unversed, Aditya and Kangana reportedly dated each other during the early years of the actress' career but soon parted ways due to unexpected circumstances. 

Source: Twitter/Peeping Moon