Bigg Boss 16: Sreejita De returns as wild card contestant, says Tina Datta's heart is black

The morning in the house of Colors' Bigg Boss 16 starts with Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot discussing where they stand in their relationship. There have been constant ups and downs, and lots of arguments between the two. In an ongoing conversation, Shalin says to Tina to not worry about him and that he goes only where he feels wanted. He further adds that whatever Tina is doing is correct and he is wrong. Upset Tina says to Shalin that she is the one wrong and thanks him for giving her closure. Will Tina and Shalin try to resolve things between them?

Viewers will witness the biggest ‘dhamaka’ tonight! Eliminated in the first week of Bigg Boss 16, Sreejita De re-enters the house as a wildcard, bringing lots of drama and fun along. Bigg Boss announces everyone to gather in the living area and asks the housemates to better their game before it’s too late, for that he has organized a Yoga session for all to open their minds. That’s when Sreejita comes into the picture and is seen in the activity room doing Yoga. The housemates flabbergast as they see Sreejita on the screen. One by one ‘Bigg Boss’ asks the housemates to go into the activity room where Sreejita will make them do yoga positions. As Tina enters the activity room, Sreejita does not let her meet and asks to maintain a distance. She tells Tina that her heart is black, and her vibe isn’t good. 

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In a tiff between Soundarya Sharma and Tina Datta, Tina breaks down as she denies the accusation put on her by Soundarya regarding the stealing of ‘tofu’. She goes through an emotional turmoil and says why would she take something like food from anyone. She adds that she only fights for chicken in this house and not even her own food. Will Tina be able to survive amidst the challenges put before her?