Gave them my ‘Aashiqui’ bungalow, introduced him to Mahesh Bhatt: Kumar Sanu reacts to son Jaan Kumar Sanu’s allegations of being an irresponsible father


Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jaan Kumar Sanu recently levied some serious allegations on his father, veteran playback singer Kumar Sanu after getting evicted from Salman Khan-hosted show. The war of words between father-and-son started when Sanu questioned Jaan’s upbringing as he had said some unsavoury words about Marathi language on the show. Reacting to this, Jaan had said that his father had never supported him or kept in contact and whatever he has achieved is through his own hard work.

Reacting to Jaan’s remarks, Sanu spoke to an online portal and said, “First of all, everyone please see that video again. Nowhere have I even said one word about his (Jaan Kumar Sanu's) upbringing. I had said, 'Nalayak baatein nahi karna chahiye.' 'Nalayak baatein', maine usko nalayak nahi bola. The other thing is that staying in Maharashtra, it's necessary to respect Maharashtians, and that lesson should've been taught to him. That's what I had spoken about, not the upbringing — his upbringing has happened very well.”

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He further said, “Now, another thing that he says is that my father has given me nothing other than the name, Kumar Sanu, he's not supported us at all. I feel very hurt hearing that. Maybe he was too small and doesn't know it, but when I had divorced in 2001 (his first wife, Jaan's mother), I had given everything what his mummy wanted, whatever she had demanded through the court, along with the Aashiqui bungalow (his bungalow, named after the 1990 film that had made Kumar Sanu an overnight nationwide sensation). Plus, my son used to keep meeting me, but after Bigg Boss I don't if he will. Even before entering Bigg Boss, he had met me and spoke to me at length. I wasn't in favour of him going on the show since the beginning, but it was his choice, he's a big fan of the show, auditioned for it and went.”

Sanu further said, “After that, he (Jaan) had requested me, 'Baba, humko show mein lo,' toh humne show mein liya unko, 'Baba humko thoda sa music director se, producer se mila do,' toh I took him to Mahesh Bhatt, Ramesh Taurani and many other people I know since a long time. Now, if they give him work or not, it's up to them. That's completely on his talent, I have no say over that. So, you only tell me how is it true that beside my name I've given him nothing. Today, he's become so big, how has he become so big? He didn't work when he was little, neither was there any other earning member in their home (Jaan and his mother's), so no doubt, I feel very sad when I hear all this. Even when I contracted coronavirus (he has, thankfully, made a full recovery now), I never received a single call from that house. Even now, Jaan hasn't even asked me once. See, love can't be one-sided, aur ek haath se taali nahi bajti.”

Jaan had previously credited his mother Rita Bhattacharya for bringing him up and had said that she is both his mother and father.

(Source: BollywoodLife)