Watch: 'Took a stand for my dignity, that's why I am out,' says Madhurima Tuli on getting evicted from 'Bigg Boss 13' for hitting Vishal Aditya Singh


The last week inside the Bigg Boss 13 house was undoubtedly the most dramatic and violent one in its history. From budding love to heated fights and even slapping, the house played witness to all. Amongst several arguments and violence, what came under the radar was Madhurima Tuli hitting her ex-boyfriend Vishal Aditya Singh with a frying pan. The duo, who entered the house as wild card entrants, received punishment from Bigg Boss and were sent to jail. Taking the matter further, host Salman Khan, on the episode that was aired on Saturday, asked Madhurima to leave the house. 

Post her sudden eviction, the actress who starred in Akshay Kumar's Baby, exclusively spoke to regarding her stint inside the controversial house. Madhurima went on to reveal what went behind the frying pan and chappal hitting incident. Telling that situations triggered her to do, Madhurima added that she stood up for her dignity and self-respect, which is why she is eliminated.


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Well, the eviction has surely come as a piece of upsetting news for Madhurima as well as ViRima fans. 

Watch the interview here:

(Source: PeepingMoon/YouTube)