Contrary to Ammy Virk's brother's claim, Himanshi Khurana reveals her boyfriend Chow's name to Asim Riaz, Bigg Boss shares photo and we are confused!


Himanshi Khurana and her love life is getting confusing day by day. First, the Punjabi actress-singer claimed to be dating someone for over nine years and also that she is engaged. Later, she revealed his name is Chow. But the outside world has something else to offer. People who know Himanshi spread the word that the singer has actually been dating famous Punjabi singer Ammy Virk but they are not engaged. Much to everyone's surprise, when an entertainment website approached Ammy, his brother Bhagwanth took over and said that there is nothing between Ammy and Himanshi and that he is happily married. 

Bhagwanth claimed that his brother Ammy is not who Himanshi has exchanged rings with. That is, if she has. You know, sometimes, in fact, many times, Bigg Boss contestants say so many things for just the heck of it. Bhagwanth said, "Himanshi is no way connected to my brother Ammy. I am Ammy's elder brother." Were they in love in the past, to which Bhagwanth said, "Nope. And by the way, Ammy is married now."

In a recent episode, Bigg Boss even flashed Himanshi's fiance Chow's photo. Have a look: 

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Well, now with Himanshi's new love angle with Asim Riaz inside the house, it is difficult to say who she is actually in love with. So, mystery boy Chow, Punjabi singer Ammy Virk or BB contestant Asim Riaz, who is Himanshi's love of the life? Well, looks like we will only have to wait and watch. 

(Source: Spotboye/Colors TV)