Exclusive: Salman Khan’s 'Bigg Boss 13' to end on THIS DATE?


Salman Khan’s much-awaited show Bigg Boss 13 will premier its first episode this weekend i.e on September 29, 2019. A few weeks back, the makers had released its first promo where Salman Khan donned chef's hat and was seen making khichdi. In the promo, he said that the show will air its finale in 4 weeks but with a twist. This statement about the finale airing in 4 weeks left many confused.

Now, we have learned that the finale date has been already finalized by the makers of the show. Our source informed PeepingMoon exclusively, “Yes, there is a twist in the format of the show after 4 weeks of its premiere episode, however, the show doesn’t end here. Like the previous season, this season too will be on-aired for 105 days and the makers have already locked Salman’s date for the finale episode. The show will have its grand finale next year i.e on January 4, 2020.”

Salman confirmed this news at the press conference of the show on Monday afternoon. At the launch of Bigg Boss 13, Salman revealed about the twist-n-turn in the format of the show. He said, “It was just a promo and in the clip, it was said that the finale will be in 4 months after which there will be a big twist.” When questioned about the twist, the actor replied, “Telling you the twist is like giving away the climax of a film. But I want to clear out that on 29th, the show will go on air. In one month, we will show the finale and after that, for the next two months you will see twists and turns.”

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The first episode will go on-air on September 29, 2019.

(Source: PeepingMoon)