Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Written Update: Ranveer Singh displays his infectious energy in the house


Eight days to the finale and this was the second last Weekend Ka Vaar of the season, and it was pretty much action-packed. Team Simmba joined Salman to promote their movie which is up for release soon.

Here’s all that happened on the Weekend Ka Vaar:-

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The show began with song and dance as Ranveer and Sara danced with the housemates on the peppy number Aankh Maare from Simmba. Salman greeted the audience and spoke about the upcoming finale. He then said that the housemates were given a task to rank their fellow housemates and decide on who deserved to be in top three. They had to rank each other on a scale of 1 to 7 with one being the highest.

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KV, Romil, Somi, Surbhi and Deepak voted for Dipika. Dipika named Somi and Sree named KV. Finally, Dipika was at no. 7. At no. 6 was KV, Surbhi was placed 5, 4th was Somi, Romil was placed at 3rd, 2nd was Sree and at no.1 was Deepak. Post the task, KV and Surbhi spoke about Sreesanth's and Dipika’s bond. Surbhi said she does not like Sree and his behaviour. KV said that Dipika is in wrong company in the house and that he is aware of what Sree would do to her once they are out of the house.

Salman entered the house and fooled around with KV for a while. He even made the band dedicate a song for the compliments he got on his eyelashes. He then spoke to them about the ranking task and the basis on which they ranked each other. He said that instead of voting themselves for no. 1 they focused on placing people at bottom four. He said that he was surprised Dipika was placed on the seventh position. He asked them their thought behind the decision.

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He asked Deepak who was at no.1. Deepak gave the same reason of she not showing her true self and always sticking with Sree. He grilled Surbhi too for her decision to vote Dipika for no. 7. Salman explained them that the task was for them to realise the importance of the week and think rationally but instead they completely focused their energy on bringing those contestants down who posed as a threat. Salman then changed the ranking and this time Surbhi and KV voted Dipika for the no.1 spot. She even went on to say that apart from her if anyone deserves to win the game it was Dipika. KV voted for Surbhi for her spirit for the game and the improvement she has shown. Deepak and Romil voted Sree on the basis of his improvement.

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Salman then picked up on the ticket to finale task. He questioned Deepak and his team’s decision to not rotate with the opponent team. He even said that despite that only Deepak was the one who won. Deepak said that they realized later that not them but Bigg Boss was the one playing the game. Salman joked and said that Deepak got it too far. Deepak then sang the song he wrote for loosing the second round of the ticket to finale task. Salman lauded Surbhi for her efforts to win the ticket to the finale.


Salman then questioned Somi’s decision to save Surbhi over Romil. Somi said that she was just trying to be fair. Salman asked her to rate between Deepak, Surbhi and Romil; who she cares more for. She rated Surbhi on the top position, Deepak second and Romil as third. Deepak said that it was false and that Romil was always her top priority. Somi asked Deepak to keep his opinion to himself.

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It was time for the caller of the week and he asked Sree about calling KV an actor and taunting him. He said that if he is sensitive about someone talking about his profession then he too shouldn’t be taunting someone else. Sree apologized and said that it was not his intention and he only meant about KV wearing a mask in the house. KV got upset with Sree and again brought up the incident of the crickter hurling a comment on his father. Initially, Salman showed interest in what was happening but as the duo started arguing amongst themselves Salman chose to take a nap on the stage. The two got the hint and apologized.

Salman then asked the housemates to vote for the villain of the house. Sree, Dipika, Deepak,Romil and Somi voted for Surbhi. KV and Surbhi voted for Sree. As Surbhi for the maximum votes she was sent to the torture room. Surbhi became emotional and said that though she has been voted as the villain of the house she will win the game. Surbhi entered the torture room. After awhile Salman asked Surbhi to come out of the torture room. Surbhi sat alone in the garden area when Romil approached. Romil apologized to Surbhi for all that happened between them. Surbhi asked him to leave her alone but, Romil kept apologizing and Surbhi said that she had no hard feelings for him. Romil made her laugh. Salman visited the housemates back and spoke about nominations. Then he announced that since Christmas was around he would not act mean. However, Salman said that he will announce the name of the nominated contestant tomorrow. On that he bod adieu to the housemates.

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It was time for team Simmba’s entry and Salman called Ranveer, Sara and Rohit to join him on the show. Looking dapper like always Ranveer entered flaunting some of his dance moves. When Salman questioned him about the movie's producer Karan, Ranveer said that since KJO couldn’t make it so he got his cut out.

Salman then took a dig at KJO asking celebs awkward questions on his coffee couch and decided to put Karan in the spot. Ranveer enacted Karan. The first round was called haan or “nahi nahi kabhi nahi.” Rohit, Sara and Salman asked Karan if he had ever had a wardrobe malfunction, if he had ever pretended to cry, Salman asked him if he ever asked someone to zip up and the last one did he feel something when hears the some “Radha teri chunari.” Ranveer who was enacting Karan was at his wittiest best or at some places even better than Karan himself. He showed off some dance moves on the STOY song on KJO’s behalf. The funniest was when Rohit declared that Alia had sent some GK questions. Ranveer took the audience by surprise when he sang “Dhaga lagali Kadh,” with precision and as usual flaunting his moves. Salman announced that the lead pair had even paid visit to the housemates inside the BB house. Over all the night ended with bouts of laughter, all credit to Ranveer’s infectious energy.

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The preview showed contestants being surprised by eviction. Who do you think now deserves to be out of the game, Somi, Deepak, Romil, Sree, Karanveer or Dipika?