Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Day 92: Dipika dumps Sree for KV but KV dumps Dipika for Deepak


As the ticket to finale week has started equations in the house are not changing like seasons but like dresses in the changing room. Everyone is looking for someone to suit their need for survival. All is not well between Dipika and Sreesanth as the brother and sister had a massive argument and Dipika agreed that KV is a nice hearted man. This miffed her brother and the two locked horns. Dipika saving KV did not have an impact on KV as when hr was the firefighter he chose to save Deepak over Dipika.

Overall, today since all of them got a chance to be firefighters there was no extinguishing that happened but only more fire and crackers that busted in the house. We are sure to hear the noise of this for the coming two weeks.

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Here’s all that happened in the Bigg Boss house: 

The show began with KV, Deepak, Somi and Romil entering a pact to stand by each other in any given circumstance. In the night Somi discussed with Romil that they should give a chance to Surbhi or Dipika. Romil was not in favour of the idea and said that it might go against the team. He said that Sree did not deserve to be in the game at all. Somi was hellbent that they must give one chance to Surbhi.

The next day contestants woke up to the song Sawan mein lag gayi aag. Surbhi talked to herself about Deepak’s fake attitude in the house. She said that he made relationships only to survive in the game. Outside the house, Sree asked Deepak to give him a chance as he said he will anyways get eliminated this week. Sonia spoke to Romil and the two got into an argument. They both accuse each other of playing dirty games in the house. Somi told him that he was selfish and only thought about himself. Romil told her that she said something else in the night and then changed her stance. He asked her to leave him alone as he already had a lot going on in his mind.

Surbhi requested Somi to consider saving her once. She asked her to give her a chance to enter the bus once and that she already had Romil’s support and can back on her support too. Somi advocated the idea of everyone getting a fair chance to her teammates. As the buzzer rang, all of them ran towards the bus and Sree and Deepak occupied the place of the firefighters. But everyone objected to Sree’s entry as he entered from the wrong gate. KV explained him and he refused to leave. KV called him a cheater. Dipika got the rulebook and read out the rule which said that they would enter from the other gate. The opposite team asked him to get up and give the seat to Dipika and Surbhi. An argument broke between all of them and finally, Dipika occupied Sree’s seat. Deepak and Dipika were the firefighters.

Sree and KV continued to argue and Sree connected the cheater comment to his cricket incident. The two got into an ugly verbal spat and the others asked them to end it as it was harming the peace of the house. Bigg Boss meanwhile chose KV and Sree’s picture. Deepak wanted to save KV and Dipika wanted to save Sree. The two got into an argument and couldn’t come to a conclusion for a long time. Finally, Bigg Boss warned them that he would put a cross against their names. Finally, Dipika too decided to save KV and it did not go down well with Sree. He made a passing comment of both of them being from colors. Dipika went to speak with Sree and explain about her decision but Sree was in no mood to listen. Dipika said that she was only trying to play her game and finish the task and that KV is genuinely a nice hearted man. Sree got even more furious and said that he does not want to talk. Dipika got frustrated and walked out.

Agitated Sree took it out on KV as he called him dramebaaz. KV and Sree again got into an argument and Sree said that KV made excuses to gain sympathy by lying about his leg. Sree even made passing comments on his family and KV warned him to back off. KV requested Sree to not speak to him till the finale. Surbhi asked Deepak to give her a chance but he said that he had trust issues with her. KV and Sree continued their argument. Finally, Dipika gave her seat to Surbhi and Deepak gave it up for KV.

Surbhi and KV are next firefighters. Bigg Boss put Dipika and Deepak’s picture. In a surprising turn of events Surbhi wanted to save Dipika and though Dipika had saved KV he stood for Deepak. KV based his decision on his closeness to only one person in the house. Surbhi tried to defend her choice but ultimately they saved Dipika finally.

As the task got over Dipika got into an argument with KV over his comments on her game. She said that she had made it clear from day one that she did not want to make any relationship in the house. Despite that, she made one and is proud of it. She lashed out him for calling her weak and said that has she been weak she wouldn’t have come so far. KV told her to not put words in his mouth as he never called her weak. Sree tried coming to her defense but Dipika got upset and yelled at him. Dipika walked out and went near the bathroom area and started criticizing people’s action of unnecessarily getting into an argument, getting overly aggressive for the cameras and doing drama to get eyeballs. She basically took a dig at KV and her gang and said that she can not stoop to that level.  Sree went behind her and she asked him to leave her alone. Sree tried to console her but Dipika was livid.

Deepak, Somi, and Romil plan their next move but, Somi clearly told them to not count on her and that she would take her own decision. Sree got all dramatic trying hard to cheer up her sister and finally Dipika laughed. The ticket to finale task is not yet over. The preview showed Somi Khan torn between choosing Romil and Surbhi. Between the two who do you think deserves the ticket to finale most? Leave your comments below and keep reading this space to know who won the ticket to the finale.