BB 12 Day 83 Written Update: Family week begins in Bigg Boss house; KV, Sree break down on meeting family


As it is said, family is like music, some high notes, some low notes but at the end it’s a beautiful song, though the remote control of the housemates remained in the hands of Bigg Boss, that’s  exactly the tune that played tonight in the Bigg Boss house as the family week began. Just like every year, family members of the housemates entered the house. They may have become a brat and impossible people owing to the pool of circumstances that they are thrown in but even a stone would melt when they see their family members walk through the door and hug well that’s something that definitely heals them.

From Sreesanth’s wife to KV’s twins, from Surbhi’s brother to Deepak’s father it was a full house instead of the typical Weekend Ka Vaar on the show.

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[caption id="attachment_179259" align="aligncenter" width="667"] Deepak and his father.[/caption]

Here’s all that happened in the Bigg Boss house:-

Host Salman Khan told the audience that the family members of the housemates would be visiting them this entire week. KV read out the next luxury budget task wherein Bigg Boss said that he would have the remote control and the housemates would act according to the button he plays. This turned out to be quite fun as Bigg Boss played rewind, forward, play and other buttons at funny times. During lunch, Bigg Boss asked everyone to pause when Surbhi’s brother entered the house. He hugged her and praised her to being the captain of the house for the fourth time. He even recited a poem for her. Surbhi became emotional. Abhinav went to each member of the house. He thanked Rohit and Deepak for being friends with Surbhi. He hugged KV and thanked him too. Later, he went to Sree and told him that he has always been his fan but advised him to be more in control of his words. Abhinav asked Romil to be a little more forgiving towards Surbhi as they share the brother-sister bond. He complimented Somi for his beauty. Bigg Boss asked Abhinav to take leave and Surbhi got a chance to say bye to her brother. She broke down and apologised to him and he told her that she has made him proud.

[caption id="attachment_179246" align="aligncenter" width="1440"] Surbhi Rana with her brother.[/caption]

Bhuvneshwari entered the house next. She got emotional as she saw Sree and appreciated his game. Bhuvneshwari advised Sree to keep his calm and not get provoked and to not harm himself. She even told him that earlier people were his fan but now they are fan of the Sree that he is. Bhuvneshwari went to Dipika and complimented her for her looks and thanked her for being by Sree’s side. She said that every season people remember one relationship and this season it’s the one her husband and Dipika share. She even told her that she is not the one who’s is fake and it’s the people who call her that are fake. She went to Deepak and told him that he needs to be the same entertaining person that he used to be and that he was like a younger brother to Sree.

[caption id="attachment_179247" align="aligncenter" width="741"] Sreesanth and his wife.[/caption]

Next was Surbhi and as she met her it was literally the hell hath fury situation. Bhuvneshwari lost it at her cool and told her that she was a hypocrite as on one side she called Sree “kala kauwa” and on the other played the woman card. She called her thankless and ungrateful as despise Sree giving out one of the most important stories of his life during her captaincy task, Surbhi still kept fighting. Sree tried to stop her but Bhuvneshwari had kept saying things to Surbhi. She reminded Surbhi of the times when Sree saved her from nominations. She told her that Surbhi could make anyone upset and the calmest person her father-in-law also acted aggressively after he watched what all Surbhi said to his son on the show.

Bhuvneshwari met KV and told him that she appreciated him when they were together but he seemed to be in wrong company presently. She advised him to take strong stands against everyone and not just Sree. As she was going to Romil, Bhuvnshawari crossed Rohit and told her that he does not exist for her. She complimented Romil for his efforts.

As Sree was released, he hugged Surbhi and asked Bhuvneshwari to hug Surbhi but she refused. She made it clear that no matter what she would never forgive Surbhi. Later, Sree even met his children and gave them all the medals he had won on the show. His daughter hugged and gave Dipika a peck on her cheek. Finally Bigg Boss announced her to say goodbye to the housemates.

[caption id="attachment_179249" align="aligncenter" width="707"] Surbhi Rana[/caption]

Everybody got into the discussion of what happened in the garden area. KV asked Surbhi to not get affected by all this. Dipika was consoling Sree and said that she did not do anything wrong as she was a wife and Dipika would have done the same thing in her situation. Later in the day Surbhi was heard telling Sree that her brother asked her to look into herself and it was easy to point fingers at others. Rohit went and apologised to Dipika. Dipika later told about this to Sree and said that she is switched off from Rohit and his apologies don’t matter anymore. She even said that between Rohit and Deepak, she does not hate Deepak but does not have one single thing about Rohit that she liked.

Bigg Boss asked everyone to pause and Deepak’s father entered the house. He introduced himself to Sree and went inside to meet his son. Though Deepak paused, he asked him to give him a hug. He told Deepak that he went through a lot of hardships to make him reach where he is today. It was quite touching when his father innocently told him that for the first time he bought shoes as he had to come and meet him in the house. His father told Somi that he is okay with their friendship but the marriage was not possible. Deepak was released and he took his father around the house and introduced him to everyone. Deepak enquired how people in the village were watching the show. His father thanked Dipika and Sree for supporting him in the game. He called Dipika his elder sister. Deepak gave him the cup of tea he had made. Deepak was paused and he broke down seeing his father go as he touched his feet.

[caption id="attachment_179254" align="aligncenter" width="683"] Deepak and his father[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_179255" align="aligncenter" width="634"] Deepak and his father[/caption]

Sree hugged Deepak and later the housemates broke into giggles over his father’s marriage comments on Somi.

Bigg Boss kept playing the play, pause game and it added humour to the day. The housemates were asked to pause again and Rohit was called in the confession room. Rohit was surprised to see his mother. He broke down as he sat next to her. Bigg Boss asked Rohit to rewind and later asked his mom to join him in the house. Rohit was asked to be on play mode and he introduced her to everyone. She hugged Surbhi and appreciated her for her game and being by Rohit’s side. She requested Romil to be a little careful while getting aggressive. She told Dipika that her mom was her fan. She even requested her to take Rohit as her younger brother and take care of him just like Sree. To Sree also Rohit’s mother advised to be careful about getting physical. Rohit and his mom apologized to Sree.

[caption id="attachment_179256" align="aligncenter" width="713"] Rohit and his mother.[/caption]

It was time for Rohit’s mom to leave the house and as Rohit was put on pause he couldn’t give her a proper parting hug. As the doors opened Rohit’s mom told him to come out the same as a winner. The housemates continued their daily chores when a voice played on the speakers asking for KV. KV knew it was his wife Teejay. He started looking for her in the house. Bigg Boss asked everyone to pause and KV stood with his back towards the door. Teejay entered the house with their twins and cutie kept saying hello to her dad thinking why her dad wouldn’t respond. Tears rolled down KV’s cheeks as he saw his daughters and Bigg Boss released him. He sat down as he hugged his daughter and then his wife and the other one. It was heartwarming to see that KV’s daughter remembered Sreesanth’s name. Teejay thanked Dipika and Sree to be supportive of KV. She lent an olive branch to Sree and said that no matter what unfolded in the house between the two outside everything remained the same. She lauded Surbhi for her game but told her that she needs to know when to control her anger. The twins Teejay and KV shared some heartwarming moments before it was time for Teejay to leave.

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[caption id="attachment_179258" align="aligncenter" width="720"] KV's children.[/caption]

As informed by Salman, the family visits would continue through the week. Preview showed Romil’s wife and his son and Saba Khan visiting the house again. Amidst all this who gets nominated for the week and what all unfolds would be interesting to watch. Keep reading this space to keep yourself updated for all that happened in the house.