Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Day 80: Surbhi Rana becomes the captain of the house for the fourth time


No points for guessing who is creating a record in this season of Bigg Boss, it’s hands down Surbhi Rana who became the captain of the house for the fourth time. The girl really has got some luck as every time situations turn in her favour and people who normally loath her land up favouring her compared to her opponent.

Yesterday Surbhi and Rohit won the “BB school bus” task and became competitors in the race for captaincy. Today during the face-off everyone from Sreesanth to Megha chose to support Surbhi as their next captain over Rohit. You know how they say that a known devil is better than an unknown one.

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Here’s all that happened in the Bigg Boss house: 

Deepak was hungover with the betrayal from Rohit and as he sat with KV and Rohit came in he started taunting Rohit. He told him that he is glad that Rohit thought he was too strong to be taken on head-on. Surbhi rants to herself after hearing this and said that why do people still expect that someone will play for them. KV and Deepak talked about who to support for the next captaincy. KV said that Rohit could not be trusted especially after whatever unfolded yesterday. Deepak said that he has already been backstabbed by Surbhi and if she does that now he will be very hurt. Deepak said that he felt guilty for not supporting KV in yesterday’s task. KV got emotional and hugged him.

Bigg Boss reprimanded the housemates once again for their self-destructive and aggressive behaviour. Sree, Deepak, KV, Rohit and others who displayed cheat pumping and other such behaviours were warned to straighten up their act on the TV. Deepak apologized to Bigg Boss. Megha and Jasleen thanked Bigg Boss for putting sense in the housemates head. The two condemned their fellow mates for creating disharmony in the house.

Soon Bigg Boss announced a task wherein two diary cars were given to Sree and Romil to get washed. Whoever washed the car in the stipulated time would declare the performer from that team and would be given a certified used car. KV, Surbhi, and others joined Sree’s team. Romil convinced Jasleen to be in his team. Jasleen asked him to be his friend in favour and the latter agreed. Deepak was made the sanchalak of the task. KV went topless and Jasleen too soarer the temperature as she climbed on the top in her hot pants. At the end, Deepak announced Sree’s team as the winner. Sree announced Surbhi as the best performer in his team and she won a car.

Later Surbhi and Sree sat in the garden area talking about the infamous fight in the last captaincy task. Sree finally explained and apologized to her for his words and behaviour. Somi tried to lend an olive branch to Romil and initiated a conversation with him. As Megha came in Romil asked Megha to join the conversation which irked Somi and she walked out. Later in the night, Somi expressed her displeasure over Romil’s act. Romil was on his own trip as he said that her expectations were unrealistic and childish. Somi called Romil selfish and mean and swore to never speak to him again. Inside Rohit and Surbhi take a dig at Romil and say that he is more of an actor then advocate. Surbhi had a hard laugh as she poked fun at Somi.

The next day housemates woke up to the song Koi yahan nache nache. Megha and Jasleen sing a spoof of it for Rohit. Rohit says they don’t even exist for him in the house. Inside Somi discussed with Surbhi about Jasleen and get growing closeness to Romil. She told Surbhi that Jasleen always flaunted her hunky-dory relationship with Romil poking fun of the fact that Romil and Somi were not together anymore. Surbhi advised Somi to clarify about the same with Romil.

The housemates gear up for the next captaincy task. Romil read out the rules. Owing to the previous fiascos this one was kept pretty simple by Bigg Boss. There were two stages set in the garden area. Deepak was assigned as a singer for Surbhi and Jasleen was assigned as a singer for Rohit. At the buzzer, one of the housemates had to take a seat as the audience and the singer would perform for him/her.

KV could not choose to be the audience and take a seat as he was made the sanchalak. The one who gets three audiences would win the task. Rohit and Surbhi tried to convince housemates to support them. Rohit sought Megha’s support and she told him that he is too disrespectful. Rohit said that he deserved a chance as this might bring in the discipline and sense of responsibility in him. Dipika too turned down the offer to support Rohit. Romil told Deepak that he would support Surbhi. Deepak was also supporting Surbhi.

As the task began the first person to turn the audience for Surbhi was Sree. He said that though they have had their fair share of fights there are no doubts that Surbhi was one of best captains. Deepak dedicated the song to Sree’s wife Bhuvneshwari. Sree was awestruck with Deepak’s singing and showered him with praises.

On the second buzzer, Somi sat as an audience to Surbhi. Deepak took full advantage of the situation and expressed his feelings for his girl as he sang Humein tum se pyaar kitna. At the last buzzer, Megha went to Surbhi’s side and have an explanation of why she chose her. She praised Surbhi for her game and for being a ball of energy in the house. Surbhi also praised Megha for being a winner and still playing with them so much zest. Since three performances were asked from Surbhi, she was declared the next captain of the house.

Post the task, Sree was sitting with Dipika when Rohit and Romil started asking Sree about cricket. Sree did not take this lightly and gave back Romil. Romil said he was smart to not get caught. Sree walked out. Later he was furious and told Dipika that his teammates would laugh at him and poke fun if they watched the episode. Romil explained Megha and Jasleen what he meant from his statement.

In the night Somi, Deepak, KV, Jasleen and Rohit all were having a nice gossip session when Megha entered. Somi asked Megha to take Srishty’s bed. Megha said she would do it tomorrow. Megha asked Jasleen of what was going on between Somi and her. Jasleen explained Megha and told her that Somi had a problem with her growing closeness to Romil. Jasleen said that her friendship with Romil does go down well with Jasleen.

This time the weekend begins from tomorrow as informed by Salman. The preview showed Surbhi and Rohit getting rebuked by Salman for their instigating behaviour. Also, Sree again refused to go to kaalkothari. Who else do you think should be rebuked by Salman? Leave your answers below and keep reading this space for your daily dose of BB house.