Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Day 77: Jasleen has an emotional outburst on the show


While the weekend was over for us in the Bigg Boss house the after-effects of the weekend could be felt. It was a day of major showdowns between Jasleen and Rohit, and Romil and Rohit. It is evident that the house is divided into two groups and now Romil is a part of Sreesanth’s group. For how long will that last is a little difficult to comment.

The two groups are leaving no opportunity to defend their own and stand as a shield against each other. The strategy as of now seems to be working in their favour but what is the future of these relationships is something that’s too early to comment. Till then as an audience, it is quite entertaining to watch how equations have changed and where they stand today

Here’s all that happened in the house: 

The show began with housemates discussing Sreesanth’s derogatory comments on Surbhi. Somi said that it was evident that he was not sorry and only apologized for the sake of it. Sree told Romil that whatever he said was out of rage and because he was furious with Surbhi’s comments.

Later Dipika insisted that Sreesanth apologize to Surbhi. Sree was adamant and said that Surbhi got personal with her and passed comments on him and his family. Romil also tried to explain to Sreesanth to apologize. An irritated Sree got up and said sorry to Surbhi but was very impolite. Somi objected and said that he should not apologize if he didn’t feel like and he was not doing a favour to anyone by doing so. Karanvir lost his cool on Sree’s attitude and said that he was done with him.

Dipika went to Sree who was lying in his blanket and sternly told him that what he had done had spoilt things even more and it was not the way as he should have said sorry. Sreesanth told Dipika that Surbhi was wrong and she had still not bothered to come and apologize. Dipika agreed but still insisted that he shouldn’t have done and said what he said.

An angry Karanvir gave Sreesanth a piece of his mind and an argument broke between them. Sree told KV that he had also said number of things to Dipika for which he had never apologized. Surbhi finally entered and yelled and said that she does not need an apology but warned Sree to stay away from her.

Rohit and Deepak stole sugar, milk and coffee to make cold coffee. Somi caught them. Megha and Jasleen got irritated and warned the duo to act mature. Rohit said it was his only job in the house to steal stuff from the kitchen so that Jasleen gets evicted. Megha passed a comment on Rohit’s mannerisms and KV asked her to not get so harsh and try to talk serious stuff with the two as they were childish.

Rohit took the joke further and said that he would continue to do this as he wanted Jasleen and Megha to get evicted. The joke created a furore as Megha and Jasleen lost their cool on him and a fight started between them. Sreesanth woke up and Dipika and Romil also came out to see what was happening. Jasleen had an emotional outburst as she got angry on Rohit and said mean things to him. Megha also came down heavily on Rohit and Surbhi took a dig at her saying that she kept quiet when her friend made nasty comments on her character.

Rohit told Jasleen that she would get her 250 gram of sugar every day. Jasleen at this point completely lost her cool and warned Rohit to not speak with her like that. An angry Jasleen used the “F” word and Rohit also replied with the same. Romil jumped into the fight and threatened Rohit that he cannot talk to a girl like that. Jasleen cried inconsolably in the kitchen and said she hates Deepak, Rohit and KV. Dipika calmed her. The fight between Romil and Rohit continued. Deepak said Romil had no right to comment on Rohit’s eviction comment as he himself had made the comments on others. Somi tried to calm the situation and took Romil away.

In the night Romil told Somi that she had a soft corner for Deepak and Rohit and Somi replied saying that nothing was wrong with that as she had a soft corner for him too. Romil did not appreciate it and Somi got angry and said that everyone treated her like a punching bag. Deepak and Rohit yelled at her for speaking to Romil and he too was no different. Romil asked her to stay with them.

The next day housemates woke up to the song Sabse bada rupiya. Surbhi told Somi that Rohit and she make a good pair and pulled Deepak’s leg. Romil went and told Somi that he did not like what she said about Romil emotionally torturing her. Somi replied that she said what she felt. Romil said that as a friend he did not expect her to make a comment which people would make him a laughing stock. Somi told him that he never made an effort to understand anything and was blinded by his ego.

Later in the day, Jasleen thanked Romil for standing by her side in last night’s fight. Romil said that he would have done that for anyone. Looking at Jasleen and Romil, Somi told KV that she observed how Jasleen tried to act the same way with Romil like she did. KV said that nobody was friends in the house and everything is for the game. Bigg Boss reminded the housemates that the same contestants, Romil, Megha, Jasleen, Dipika, Deepika and Sreesanth would remain nominated and their fate would be decided on the basis of the number of votes they get in two weeks.

The preview showed a massive showdown between Sreesanth and Rohit during the captaincy task tomorrow. If I am not mistaken I saw Sreesanth slapping Rohit. Now, where would things go, let’s figure that tomorrow? For now who do you think will become the next captain of the house? Who do you feel should get evicted from the show? Leave your comments below and keep reading this space to know what happened in the house.