Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Day 74: Sreesanth calls Surbhi characterless; draws flak


One lesson to learn is Bigg Boss is not to trust anyone: even the walls, who knows they are listening and one day they reveal it all. This exactly what is happening in the BB house as housemates, who once enjoyed a juicy piece of gossip and were part of the backbiting sessions, are using the same information today against the person and creating rifts. Rohit Sunchati who after being lull and quiet in the beginning days is spilling beans on who said what and we must say it is going in his favor.

Dipika seems to be completely blindfolded by Sreesanth and finds no wrong in whatever he does or say. During an argument with Surbhi, Sree called the reality TV star 'characterless' and Dipika felt that it was unintentional and he did not deserve punishment for the same.

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Here’s all that happened in the Bigg Boss house:

The show began with a discussion over kaalkothari. Housemates openly discussed who would they name for the punishment. Deepak said that Jasleen is going for sure as he would be voting for her due to her bad performance as a Sarpanch. Jasleen accused him of being biased and said that if she goes then he should name Somi too. Somi agreed and said that according to Bigg Boss they both were wrong. Megha spoke to Jasleen over a cup of tea and expressed her displeasure over Sreesanth and Dipika’s decision to support Romil over her during selecting a contender for captaincy. She said that they use her when they need her and supporting Romil is their farsightedness. They would need Romil in the later stages and she might be evicted soon.

An argument broke between Surbhi, Sreesanth, and Romil as Surbhi taunted Romil over not being able to be a good brother. Romil asked her to not use bad words. Surbhi then shifted her focus on Sreesanth and taunted him over his relationship with Dipika and not being able to fulfill the expectations of the same. Surbhi went on to speak about all that Sree had revealed on the show about his personal life and said that he behaved as if he is the only one who had seen hard times. She said that just because they are commoners does not mean that they do not have difficulties. After a point, Sreesanth started to react and said that he pitied Surbhi as for the first time she became captain because of Romil, second time by fluke and third time again by mistake and instead of being thankful to them she is using bad words against all. Sree said Surbhi needed a psychiatrist!

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Sree went on to say that they had to slog to earn their celebrity status. Surbhi retaliated by saying that Sree only kept crying about the bad in his life to play the sympathy card. Sree said Surbhi had no identity and asked others to take her away. Sree said she will lose to Romil. Surbhi goes very close to Sree and as Dipika came to defend him, Surbhi taunted her to be his shield. Surbhi then screamed that Sree called her characterless. Surbhi brought up the topic of Sree saying that if he can possess the quality of irking Brian Lara then who was Surbhi Rana?

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Sreesanth discussed the fight with Rohit and said that everyone has a fight but Surbhi does not know where to draw a line. He said that he had had fights with Rohit but it never reached a point when they can not stand each other’s presence. Sree said that though Surbhi is 30 she does not behave her age and behaves like a 5 yr old. He said that she needs a mental treatment. Sree even went on to say to Rohit that Surbhi had no idea what mess she could land in with Sree's and Dipika’s friends and that Surbhi is no one to talk about someone like Brian Lara.

Rohit agreed with Sree and said that whatever she today was uncalled for. Surbhi came and called Dipika Sreesanth’s personal assistant. Sree said that he would not take a word against his sister and would go to any extent to defend her. Sreesanth went to the bathroom area as Surbhi kept taunting him from outside. Jasleen lost it at one point and yelled at Surbhi to be quiet. Dipika told Sree that he not reacting to Surbhi was her biggest loss. Surbhi kept taunting and as Sree lost it he said that she is like those women who hang outside the railway station post 11'o clock. Dipika and Megha lose it at Sree to make such a derogatory statement against women. Sree behaved rudely with Dipika and she got upset and left. Jasleen gave a piece of mind to Sree for not being considerate about people who stand by him and genuinely care for him.

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Bigg Boss announced asked the housemates to choose names of housemates who deserved to go to kaalkothari. This called for a heated argument as everyone was upset when anybody named them. The popular choices were Sree and Deepak. Surbhi nominated Sreesanth, Jasleen, and Romil. Deepak nominated Jasleen, Sreesanth and said he needs time to think of a third name. Somi nominated Jasleen, Sreesanth and couldn’t think of a third name. KV interrupted and named Sreesanth. Rohit chose Sreesanth, Somi, and said he needed time for the third name. Jasleen nominated KV, Surbhi. Megha nominated Surbhi and Sreesanth and Deepak. Romil nominated Surbhi, KV and Dipika nominated Surbhi, Deepak, and KV. As the situation got tensed, Sreesanth and Dipika lose it at Surbhi. Sreesanth nominated Megha, Deepak and KV. Deepak voted for Romil as the third name. Sreesanth changed his vote to Surbhi. Upon hearing his name Romil too changed his vote to Deepak.

At last Deepak, Surbhi and Sreesanth’s names are decided for the punishment. Bigg Boss asked Karanveer to be the jailor and put them behind the bars.

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The three entered Kaalkothari. Sreesanth apologized to Surbhi over his remarks and tried to explain her. Surbhi broke down and said that no provocation called for him making a remark on her character. She cried inconsolably and asked Deepak to ask Sree to stop talking. Sreesanth asked Dipika why she did not vote for him. Dipika said that she was aware that he did it intentionally and there have been a lot of times when he was targeted unnecessarily. She said that she used their own trick on them of fiercely defending her own and thinks that nothing is wrong with her.

Bigg Boss then announced a task wherein one of the contestants could save themselves from the kaalkothari. KV read out the task. The three would have a representative. While KV was representing Surbhi, Romil represented Sreesanth and Rohit represented Deepak. The three representatives who sit on the ice would convince others to help them break the ice and give the card to Jasleen would be freed from jail. Jasleen was the sanchalak. Dipika and Megha help Sree. Somi performed fiercely and managed to break the ice first. As a result, Sree was freed from the jail. Everybody praised Somi for her efforts. Post the task Surbhi taunted Megha for helping Sree despite the way they treat her. She asked her to take a stand for real people for once.

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Megha was called inside the confession room by Bigg Boss and given a secret task. She was asked to place a lemon with needles stuck in it at various places in the house. She would divert the attention of the housemates towards it in the morning but pretends as if she does not know anything about it and convince them that someone had done black magic in the night.

Deepak taunted Romil that now he had no one of his own in the house. Romil gave it back to him. Deepak said that women in the house should have come out in support of Surbhi when Sree called her characterless. Romil was upset with Rohit that he had added his own words and told Deepak about his comments. Rohit said that Romil was playing a bad game and one day it would bite his back. Rohit and Romil have an argument and Somi tried to pacify them. Rohit brought up the topic that Romil stares at people in the house. Megha asked him to keep quiet. Megha spoke about what Surbhi told him. Sreesanth rants about what all Surbhi said about everyone in the house. They discuss everyone in the house including KV.

Somi went and spoke to Deepak and said that Romil does not remember saying that Deepak was in the house because of him. Deepak told her that there was no chance of him mending his ways with Romil again. He said that now he only views him as his enemy.

The discussion between Megha, Sreesanth and Jasleen continued about the rest of the housemates and Sree said that he abused the workers in the fit of the moment. Sree continued and said that Surbhi taunted him about the slapgate incident and named Harbhajan and even commented on his cricket ban. He went on to say that KV took him abusing crew thing too far and taunted Dipika saying that they were from the same industry and it was a big no-no. Sree went on to say that KV had done only one movie and he had acted in four so he should just chill.

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Megha followed Bigg Boss’ orders and placed the lemons in the house. She laced it with Kumkum and pierced needles in it as instructed. She then went to Jasleen and tried to scare her and said that she felt that while sleeping she felt someone waking her up with a lot of force and hence she wanted to sleep with her. Jasleen did not object. Jasleen went to the washroom and saw the lemon but did not react.

What is this spooky twist by Bigg Boss? Is this just a promotional strategy? Also with so much that had gone down this week, what all do you think would Salman be upset about? It is Weekend and evictions are around the corner, who do you think will be evicted this week?

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