Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Day 22: Honesty is the best policy, but outside the Bigg Boss house


Honesty might be the first chapter in the book of wisdom, but definitely not in the Bigg Boss house and who else but Karanvir will tell you what this means. Bigg Boss does not seem to be in a mood to give any more chances to KV and Sreesanth who nominated themselves to go to the kaalkothri, and hence he declared that there won’t be a nomination task this week.

The housemates might have felt a sigh of relief thinking that there won’t be a task but, come on its Bigg Boss after all and sudden surprises are the norm. A little while later Bigg Boss announced the task “Jail Break”. During the captaincy task this time, everyone was very cautious of whom they were supporting and all of them were participating wholeheartedly. Thank god that at least some advice seems to be falling on the right ears and some lessons are being learned.

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Here’s all that happened in the Bigg Boss house:

The show started with Surbhi gossiping about Dipika Kakar. As per Surbhi, Salman favours Dipika and said that this was not appropriate and that she does not like the TV actress. Deepak and Urvashi had a lovers tiff as Deepak objects Urvashi talking to Sourabh. Urvashi tried reasoning out but Deepak was in no mood to listen and she left the conversation midway and went to the storeroom and cried giving vent to her feelings.

Jasleen and Shivashish always showed a spark between them and no one can deny it. Jasleen was having a hearty chat with Shivahish and was unaware that Anup was watching it. Anup felt hurt that Jasleen was not missing him.

Romil, Deepak and Surbhi again picked up the captaincy task topic and Deepak explained what had happened and accepted that it was his mistake to not speak about what Shivashish was doing. Surbhi said that because of his mistake today in spite of her fighting so strongly she felt like a loser.  Surbhi left the conversation on the pretext of having some alone time. Later in the night Deepak and Surbhi sort out their differences.

The next day housemates woke up to the song Ek Rasta Do Rahi, without realizing what they were in for. Romil teases Jasleen for now being in the team of the singles. Jasleen with a huge smile on her face said that she still does not have any clarity on that.

The housemates then gathered in the living area and Bogg Boss announced that there won’t be any nomination task this week as Karanvir, Sreesanth and Nehha are already nominated. This came as a shock to many but a lot of the other housemates were happy that they were saved from nominations. KV is quite upset about it and sarcastically thanked Bigg Boss for the same.

The housemates were seen chilling and having fun. Jasleen was playing cricket and later Sree too joined the game. This did not go down well with Bigg Boss and he called Romil inside and warned him to not do anything that can damage the Bigg Boss property. Bigg Boss asked him to ensure the same by others too and to keep the stick back in the storeroom. Romil came out and instructed everyone to do the same. Sreesanth got angry at this point and destroyed the ball he had made and blamed Bigg Boss for this. Sreesanth created a huge scene over this and locks himself in the bathroom, Srishty tried to convince Sree to come out and calm down but Sree said that he was in no mood to face anyone. Sree came out and started the I want to go home song again.

Dipika then read out the next captaincy task called “Jail Break”. The house is divided into two teams, policemen and prisoners. Romil, Karanvir, Dipika, Saba, Srishty, Urvashi, Shivashish turned policemen, whereas, Deepak, Sourabh, Jasleen, Sreesanth, Somi, Surbh, and Nehha turned into prisoners. At the buzzer,r the prison will open and the prisoners will have to escape climbing a wall. The last prisoner to climb the wall will be eliminated. The policemen will be targeting those contestants who they do not want as captains. Initially, there was no sanchalak for the task, but the first contestant who would get eliminated for the task will turn sanchalak.

The teams start to plan their moves. Shivashish and Karanvir were the first ones to guard the prison. As the buzzer goes off all the contestants jump the wall and Deepak is the last one left. Though he jumps the wall, he hurts himself and gets eliminated and becomes the sanchalak of the task.

 Dipika and Romil get into an argument as she felt that Romil was not going as per the plan. Karanvir and Romil again had an argument over the task, but things came under control soon. The next person to get out of the task is Sourabh.  Something was cooking between Surbhi and Sreesanth when Sree said that he overheard KV and others talking about targeting her.

As the next buzzer goes, Karanvir as per the plan targeted Surbhi and she got eliminated. But as it’s Surbhi you can imagine that she would not take that blow so easily. She yelled at KV saying that KV used physical force on her and in the process had hurt her. KV tried to defend himself but Surbhi, as usual, started using cuss words and said that KV does not have the “..rda” to accept his fault. KV got angry on Surbhi for using the word and they both got into an altercation. The matter settled down and the task resumed.

Inside the jail, Nehha confronted Sree over his remark that he will reveal dirty secrets about Nehha. Nehha made it clear that she did not like it especially now when she had made amends with him. Sree apologized. Srishty asked Sreesanth if he wanted to be the captain of the house, to which Sreesanth said yes. Srishty asked Nehha to get eliminated and Nehha follows the plan and gets eliminated.

Dipika, on the other hand, said to Nehha that Srishty is completely in favour of the “Pathan Sisters”. The next to get eliminated was Jasleen. In the process,s she too got hurt but did not create a mountain of a molehill.

With this, the day came to an end but the task will resume tomorrow. Sree and Somi are the only ones left as prisoners. Sree wants to be captain and considering his equation with Somi, he would not like to make any compromise.

Will Somi’s dream of becoming a captain remain a dream? Will Sreesanth back out of the task just like always?

Well, all I can say is that tomorrow is another interesting day as the tables have now been turned. The prisoners will turn policemen. The preview showed the house ganging up on Surbhi, what do you think she might have done? Also, the preview showed Bigg Boss getting angry at the housemates, the reason seems unclear.

But don’t you worry; keep reading this space as I will tell you who is up to what in the house.