Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Day 16: Anup Jalota calls it off with Jasleen Matharu


They once declared their love on national television and entered the house as a couple, but seems like the relationship couldn’t stand the test of the Bigg Boss house as Anup Jalota took his partner and the nation by surprise when he announced his break up with Jasleen on the show today. When they entered the house they started trending as some made fun due to the age group that they had but eventually this jodi went one to become Salman’s favorite. A host of celebrities who entered the house also complimented on their uniqueness. However, things started going south this morning post the task wherein Jasleen refused to get away with her clothes and makeup and chop her hair to release Anup.  This did not go down well with bhajhan singer Anup and though he seemed cool about it till yesterday today he declared that he is no more in partnership with Jasleen and that they both are on their own.

Here’s all that happened inside the house last night:

The nomination task continued and Bigg Boss announced Karanvir’s name. Karanvir kidnapped Urvashi and placed a demand that Deepak should chop all the hair on his body by himself. Deepak agreed and in the end, took Sourabh’s help to shave his head. Deepak got saved and Karanvir got nominated.

Surabhi Rana picked up a fight with Dipika and called her inhuman for asking Jasleen to destroy all her clothes. Dipika made amends to Jasleen and said that whatever she did was for the task. She also said that she was being considerate by asking her to chop her hair only till her shoulders. She apologized to Jasleen and they made up.

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Next was Srishty and she kidnapped Sourabh. Srishty asked Shivashish to sacrifice all of Sourabh’s and his branded clothes destroy his perfume bottles and shave off his head. Sourabh said that he is confident that Shiv will make this sacrifice for him. Shiv agreed and later negotiated by requesting her to keep at least a few of his clothes. Srishty agreed. She felt terrible for doing this and expressed that to Sourabh. Sreesanth and everybody requested Shiv to not take a random decision and think through it. Shiv got all his clothes in the garden area for destroying.

Deepak said that Shiv was doing the right thing because Anup was a celebrity and that he will get votes but Sourabh and Shiv if they get nominated, it would be very tough. Srishty had a change of heart and asked Shiv to not do it. Shiv instead of being thankful threw attitude oh her which did not go down well with her and they both have an argument. Sourabh also tried to calm down his friend Shivashish but he was in no mood to listen. Srishty called Shiv a spoilt sport.  Srishty broke down and called Shiv a loser. Srishty backed out on humanitarian grounds and chose to get nominated.

In the vanity area, Surabhi confronts Jasleen over Dipika and said that she accepting Dipika’s amends sent out a wrong picture of her. Surabhi also said that she felt betrayed as she picked up a fight with Dipika over her. Jasleen said she won’t be ruse unnecessarily. After Surabhi left, Somi asked her about the same and Jasleen said that though she had forgiven Dipika but will not forget anything.

In the kitchen area Dipika, Nehha and KV talk about Srishty giving away so easily. Dipika said that she always thought that Srsishty was the most competitive of them all. While arranging their clothes Sourabh tried to rational with Shiv and explain him Srishty’s point of view but Shiv refused to hear anything.

Next for the nomination is Sreesanth, who kidnapped Saba. He asked Somi to get a boy cut and destroy her clothes and get her hair colored. Somi negotiated if she could chop her hair till her shoulders. Sree then asked her to cut her hair an inch. Somi does it and Sreesanth gets nominated. Deepak, Romil, and Urvashi were talking about Surabhi and Deepak said that Surabhi is picking up unnecessary fights. Romil said that he is scared of Surabhi himself. Deepak poked fun at him saying that Romil is acting like Nirmal.

The next day housemates woke up to the song “Beedhi Jalile” song. In the morning, Romil poked fun at Jasleen for choosing to makeup and clothes over Anup. All was going fine when suddenly while having breakfast Anup said that he is upset with Jasleen over her choice and declared that he wanted to call off the jodi. An upset Jasleen asked him to come and talk to him separately and cried and walked into the garden area. While Dipika, Nehha, and others try to talk sense with Anup by saying that he judging Jasleen is not fair, Surabhi tried to instigate him. Saba and Surabhi had a friction.

Jasleen was crying in the garden area and Karanveer was consoling her. Shivashish, Dipika and others join her. Anup came to her and said that he is really disappointed in her. He is no mood to listen to anything and says that he is now alone in the game. If Bigg Boss wants to keep him, he should treat him as a single person. He wished Jasleen all the luck. Jasleen begged to him to understand her plight but Anup walked away by saying that she could have at least brought all of her clothes and other stuff to the garden area and maybe Dipika would have changed her mind.

While Jasleen was reduced to tears, Romil goes inside and tried to convince Anup to not give so much importance to a task and take this in his stride. Anup is in no mood to listen to anything. Amidst all this drama, Sreesanth and Nehha had finally patched up and were cracking jokes. Nehha tells Sree that she was missing these moments with Sree.

Another drama started in the house post the kidnapping task where Srishty told accused Shiv of using indecent language. In the morning, it was Srishty who was teasing Shiv by signing the loser song. Shiv chose to not react there but inside the bedroom area where Sree and others were singing, he was singing the pussycat song. Srishty was heard telling this to Saba. She cried and asked Bigg Boss to open the doors as she said she did not want to leave there. Dipika and others tried to calm her down. Sree was heard telling others that Shiv actually said the word and it was not appreciated. Everybody asked Shiv to apologies but he put his foot down by saying that he was not wrong. Nehha confronted Srishty and asked her about who instigated. When Srishty said she did, Nehha gave her a piece of advice saying that she should call troubles like this and then cry foul over it.