Exclusive: Hina Khan "I want to make major changes in myself" post Bigg Boss 11


The nail-biting of an experience i.e. Bigg Boss Finale was held yesterday. The three months of the reality TV show were a roller coaster ride is, to say the least. However, the parting is certainly a bit painful and we’re not surprised if these contestants move past everything to just celebrate the time well spent on the show. And among them was Hina Khan who took her loss as a sport.

When asked how she felt after not winning, she said:

I’m not feeling bad at all. If nothing at least I managed to be among the top 5. It surely was a roller coaster ride and to complete is a big thing for me. I’m very proud of myself.

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We’re proud of you too, Hina. And looks like so was Salman. She shared the advice Salman gave her:

I spoke to Salman and he said that Bigg Boss has its own following. The show has its own viewership. So even if one wins, it doesn’t mean the others did not play well.

Speaking of winning, in Hina’s own words there was a difference between some 1000 votes between her and Shilpa which lead Shilpa to bag the Bigg Boss Season 11 title.

When asked about how the perception of her Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fans would differ after seeing her in Bigg Boss she had to say:

Akshara ka image Khatron mai hi dur ho gaya tha (laughs)…

She also added what she would take from her experience at the show:

I want to make major changes in myself. Like in real life if I see a friend or a family member fight, I’d like to take the first step to solve these differences.

Wise words, Hina. Something we all should live by too.

Coming back to her experiences on the show when asked about regrets, she said, “Nothing.”

Now with Bigg Boss finally ending, looks like the contestants are planning a trip. That’s right! After spending three months together, everyone is excited to share some quality time without being under any pressure of winning or performing tasks. And with reunions comes a whole lot of awkward air. However, Hina addresses her relationship with the other contestants and other controversial moments on the show. Here’s what she had to say.

On her equation with Shilpa: Winning and losing is not important. It’s more important to see who earned respect.

On Arshi: She’s a very good woman by heart. We’re still friends.

On Vikas: Vikas and I played our game. Even last week, we did a good job at the task. Earlier today in the house, we complemented each other for it.

On calling Sakshi Tanwar ‘cross-eyed’: I am a big fan of Sakshi. I really respect her. My comment on her was falsely interpreted.

Lastly, on marriage with beau Rocky Jaiswal: We have a long way to go but I am glad our relationship is out in the open.