Akki teaches Salman how to make a pad!


It was to be the surprise element of the Bigg Boss Season 11, and it made host Salman Khan's show! The presence of Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar in the Bigg Boss house brought whoops and whistles of joy. It is rare for Akshay and Salman to be seen together. Especially in these days with the media making out that things are not all right between the two actors. But Akshay and Salman bonded like long lost brothers and gave the Bigg Boss House paisa vasool entertainment.

Then... the surprise.

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Akshay, who is promoting his January 25 release Padman, brought out the original machine that the real Sanitary Man Arunachalam Muruganantham, from Twinkle Khanna's book The Legend of Laxmi Prasad had used to make affordable sanitary pads for rural women. And Akshay showed Salman how to operate the machine and make a sanitary pad. The Khiladi is a master at this. But the Bhaijaan's expression was classic!