BB 11: ​ ​Nov 18 - Sunny steps in the house, Deepika teases with her Ghoomar act


Salman Khan entered the show in a hassle and even forgot to greet the audience. Wonder if it was the pressure of Deepika Padukone coming on the sets to promote Padmavati, but that's for later!

The show began with Akash offering some medicines to Shilpa and she asks him to stay away. Puneesh and Shilpa have an argument wherein Puneesh accuses Shilpa of using Akash between Vikas and her and also spoiling his image.

So Salman said that there is so much going in the house that it has made him forget everything. He straight heads to meet the housemates through METV. Much to everyone's surprise there was no bull or witness box or the villain of the week kind of thing that happens every week.

Salman began by pulling up Akash for his behavior. Salman says that people in the house have used Akash's overreacting attitude to their advantage. He addressed Akash as "Dadlani Khaandan ka shakaal". Salman says that Akash is looking like a complete fool for the unnecessary fight with Shipa and Arshi.  He straightforwardly tells Akash that he did this out of jealousy as he knows he wouldn't be the Center of attraction for Shilpa.

He lauded the girls for their patience with Akash. Shilpa breaks down. Salman says then exposes Bandgi and Puneesh who have instigated Akash. He reminds them of the conversation they were having about Shipa and Vikas. Salman says that the whole drama for Akash has started from their. Puneesh tries to brush it off with a smile to avoid the awkwardness and Bandgi denies. Salman taunts Bandgi that there are more then 150 cameras in the house and unfortunately all of them work.

Salman takes a small break and comes out and people discuss this hot topic in their groups. Shilpa was heard saying to Vikas that she still feels that Akash is a nice guy who has lost his focus because he has been manipulated by others. Hiten and Vikas also discuss Akash while walking in the garden. Hiten says that people in the house have no brains and do a lot of loose talks and this is the reason he avoids talking much.

Hiten explains to Akash that people know his weakness and try to shoot from his shoulder and ultimately he is the one who will be answerable to Salman. Akash is in denial and says he is okay that he has lost some ground with the audience as this has given him a new game plan.

Salman re-enters the show this time to welcome his brother Arbaaz and co-star Sunny Leone, who has been a part of the show in the earlier season. The two were on the show to promote their upcoming movie "Tera Intezaar". Salman says he is not been able to catch up with his brother owning yo different work schedules.

Salman then asks Sunny what happened in the house when she entered the house with "Breakfast Buffet". Salman takes the audience back to the house when sunny entered with some interesting ketchup.

The housemates had gathered in the garden area and sunny called out names and who would they want to serve breakfast too and why.

Shilpa is the first to go and sunny asks her who will she use the chili sauce on. Shilpa names Sapna as she feels that Sapna does not speak to everyone and that she picks up unnecessary. Sapna disagrees but apologizes.

Next is Vikas Gupta who is given chocolate sauce and he uses it on Hina as he feels that she needs to be sweeter.

Arshi was given butter and she chooses Hiten. Hiten removes his clothes and wraps a towel and comes in the task. Sunny and others make fun of him. Arshi rubs butter on Vikas's body and sensualize  it by singing "yeh near deewana pan". Everybody laughs.

Next is Hiten and he is given a huge Banana garland and names one person who is a monkey. Hiten chooses Akash.

Last but not the least, Hina was given eggs and she chose Vikas Gupta and asks him to come out of his shell.

Sunny bids them bye. Back on the stage Salman asks Sunny her opinion of this season and how would she describe the contestants in one word and she says "pagalpan". Salman agrees to say that this is the year of crazy contestants.

Arbaaz and Sunny bid goodbye to the audience but before that Arbaaz croons that song "Mehfooz" from the movie and both the brothers wish their parents a happy anniversary.

 Salman enters the house and sarcastically tells housemates that they are shining after the breakfast task. Salman pulls Hiten's leg by telling him that his hair and skin are shining because Arshi bathed him with butter. He then asks Shilpa what he liked, chocolate sauce or the egg treatment. She replies egg.

Then the caller of the week asked Puneesh that he can not call Luv stupid as he plays everything for Bandgi. Puneesh tries to cover up but it fails miserably.

Salman now announces the eliminated contestants and before he could compete, Raghu and Balraj enter the stage with sweets. Salman congratulates them and Balraj tells Akash that if he joins a gym he will look like bald Arshi.

Balraj and Raghu then show how some people will look if they got bald. The audience is in splits.

Tomorrow's precap shows Deepika dancing to her new song "Ghoomar"

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