BB 11 - Oct 22 - Weekend ka Vaar- Put your hands up in the air for Dhinchak Pooja


Get ready for some more cacophony in the BB house. As if rapper Akash Dadlani wasn't enough to cause pain to our ears, Dhinchak Pooja the first wild card entry for BB 11 has entered the house. For a very small bunch of people, Dhinchak Pooja is a cringe pop singer (my heart aches to call her a singer), an Internet sensation who took the world by storm with her songs like “Selfie Maine le li Aaj”, “ Swag wali topi” and her recent hit ''Dillon ka shooter hai Mera scooter"

Looked like Salman wanted someone to pinch him to make him realize that he was calling Dhinchak Pooja on the stage with him and having a little chit-chat with her. Call it professional hazards but he had to do it as was evident on his face. So finally we get to see another Side of Dhinchak Pooja’s personality and that is “survival of the fittest”. Well, she completely deserves this after what she has done to normal people like us with her songs. So now let’s see how she plays the game. There was a scooter in the garden area and housemates were excited but then as one of Pooja’s song started playing the background they knew that Pooja was about to enter the house. Hina was cringing on camera over her entry while others outside gave her a warm welcome in the house.

Moving forward Weekend ka Vaar kept up the spirit of the festive‘s alive as popular characters from the daily soap joined the housemates to celebrate Diwali. The guests impersonated the housemates- Soumaya aka Rubina Dilaik played Hina, Reshami Desai was Shilpa Shinde, Jasmine was Arshi, Avika Gor was Sapna Choudhary and Anuj Bijlani played Hiten. Jasmine was seen trying to woo Arjun as Arshi does to Hiten.

Later they joined the housemates in the garden area where all the contestants put up a little show to entertain them. Vikas and Hiten put up a madari act, Jyoti and Akash rapped in Bhojpuri and Sapna- Hina put up a dance show. The guests were impressed with the duo’s dance moves and declared them the winners. The cast then joined Salman on the stage with Ammaji and tried their hands at making laddoos.

Aditya Narayan joined Salman to promote his upcoming show 'Entertainment Ki Raat'

Fights and arguments continued in the house after Salman announced that Sapna has been evicted. She was then called into the confession room where Salman asked Sapna if Vikas was faking his friendship with Hina to which she replied yes. He also asked her about Bandgi using Puneesh and to that also she said an yes. Salman then called Ben and grilled her for not taking a stand for anyone else but for herself and also just being a mere audience in the fights. Puneesh was the next to go in the confession room and was questioned on his fickle mindset when it came to his strategies. He was also asked who was he concentrating more on, the game or Bandgi? Caught between the devil and the deep sea he said that Bandgi was part of the game. This obviously did not go down well with Bandgi and she was upset with Puneesh. She was also heard brainwashing Puneesh over what Sapna said regarding them. Bandgi said that Sapna was trying to play safe by making relations for the sake of the game. Puneesh made it clear to Sapna that her comments have hurt him. When Sapna tried to talk to Bandgi she simply asked her to stay away from her.

On the other hand, Vikas also did not take very kindly to Sapna’s statement about Hina and his friendship. Sapna’s justifications fell on deaf ears.

On the occasion of Diwali, Bigg Boss did not want to break anyone’s heart and hence there were no evictions this week, which meant that Hina, Akash, Sapna, Puneesh and Luv, whose chances of getting evicted were high are now safe.

With a new wild card entry and blame of being a nonperformer on Luv, add more fuel to the fire, well let’s see what happens next.