BB11: Oct 19 - An emotional Diwali in BB house


I can completely relate to every contestant in the Bigg Boss house as I too had a Diwali away from my folks. Feel a little sad that I didn’t have a Bigg Boss around to plan a surprise for me but, so what at least I had the liberty to pick my phone and talk to them whenever I wanted.


So here’s how Bigg Boss had planned a little surprise for the housemates. Time to time there was a message displayed on a screen placed in the living room. These were messages from the family members of the housemates and they had to identify the person whose family had sent the message. If they guessed it right that person would have to jump in the pool, a picture is lowered down and there’s a key stuck behind it. This was the key to the trunk which had gifts that were sent from families of the contestants. While most of the guesses were correct, Mehjabeen and Sabhyasachi couldn’t get the gifts as they couldn’t identify the message. Hiten not just got a gift but also a clue from his wife Gauri which said: “Be The Leader”.

Prior to the Diwali celebrations, there were once again fights between Arshi and Hina over the abusing episode yesterday. For the first time, Arshi was seen crying very bitterly in the Kaalkothari. Both Hina and Arshi in a fit of rage said mean things to each other like “ Kay  mooh dikhayengi apne family ko”. An upset Arshi picked up her chappal and threatened to hit her. She even spits on her face. When Bigg Boss announced the end of jail term for Vikas, Arshi and Jyoti, Vikas refused to come out of the jail as he was upset with the behaviour of others.

While in the jail Vikas and Hina behaved very close outside the Kaalkothari Vikas was seen botching about Hina.

In the end, the housemates were seen at their traditional best circling around the rangoli and singing “haste haste kat jaaye raste”.

And like they say all is well that ends well.

Tomorrow the fireworks will be back as the housemates will have to select two names who will be competing to be the next captain of the house.