BB11- Ep10: Vikas Gupta wins the race to captaincy


With old friends falling out and foes turning into friends Bigg Boss season 11 is getting interesting each passing day.
Finally, the BB house has got its first captain and that is Vikas Gupta. This obviously has not gone down well with Hina and Shilpa. Considering their equation with Vikas, they sure have an idea of what is in store for them. The two girls who started their day with a fight over grocery supplies were seen mingling towards the end of the day when it came to disobeying Vikas as a captain!
Vikas became the captain of the house in an interesting turn of events. He should actually thank Hina Khan for that. Bigg Boss had asked Hina to ask housemates to choose two people from the seven who were in Arshi's team who will be pitted against each other for captaincy. The people were supposed to be chosen on the basis of the best performance in the luxury task. Hina goofed up while explaining this to the housemates as she skipped the captaincy information. Initially the housemates unanimously decided upon Puneesh and Hina. Just at this point, everybody comes to know the fight is for captaincy. They accused Hina of concealing it on purpose.The housemates doubted whether they should continue with Hina's name.
Bigg Boss then gives the Padosis a special power to cancel one name between Puneesh and Hina and choose someone from the seven. They even had the power to choose someone from their own team. The Padosis choose to drop Hina and replace her with Vikas.
Vikas and Puneesh enter the face-off where they are tied up in the air and the housemates can bring them down by putting their favorite things in the box below. Whoever comes down first will win the captaincy. Hina is the sanchalak of the game. Vikas finally wins and becomes the first captain of the house.
Arshi welcomes the new captain with a tight hug. Vikas tries to talk to Hina over assigning her tasks and Hina refuses blatantly. Arshi was seen influencing Vikas over Hina not adhering to the rules set by him.
Vikas and the whole captaincy task was certainly the highlight of today's episode but on the other hand, Arshi is upset with Shilpa as she did not support her during the captaincy nomination. Vikas was seen making up with Arshi and gossiping about housemates with her. Looks Arshi and Vikas are teaming up because their enemy is common; Hina. Vikas was also seen praising Shilpa's acting skills in her absence, her literal acting skills by the way.
Hina was also heard telling Shilpa about how Vikas made fun of her menstrual cycle.
Sshivani Durga and Vikas also had a little argument but later Sshivani was seen dancing to trance with others. Looks like after being nominated Sshivani is trying very thing to keep the cameras focus on her.
Aakash is suddenly seen taking a lot of interest in yoga after Lucinda entering the house.
Tomorrow will be "Friday ka Faisla" and the housemates will decide who will be going to the kaalkothari. Hina and Vikas were shown to be at loggerheads. Looks like an interesting week as Vikas too is very manipulative in the game. He sure will use his powers as a captain to make things difficult for Shilpa and Hina.