Rani Mukerji steals the show in Hichki Trailer


She is back and with a bang! The trailer of Rani Mukerji Hichki produced by hubby Aditya Chopra is out and will leave you pleasantly surprised. So what's there in just a Hichki a.k.a hiccup?

The film traces the journey of an endearing teacher who suffers from Tourette syndrome. Due to this disorder, Naina Mathur (Rani) has to deal with tough circumstances as she wants to be a teacher, but her condition comes in the way. The condition makes it impossible for her to control her neck movements or prevent herself from making involuntary sounds. Her sudents make fun of the side-effects of her disease and many schools refuse to hire her.

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Finally, she fights against the odds and get hired as a teacher in one of the schools but has to deal with a set of municipal, juvenile students who no one wants to teach!

Though, over the course of time, we get to see an inspiring journey of a misfit teacher, who does find her place in this world.

Hichki is helmed by Siddharth P Malhotra (We Are Family) and will be released on February 23. This will be Rani's first film after her daughter Adira's birth in 2015.

Afterall, "What's life without a few hiccups?"