Malaika Arora added Char Chand to Munjya teaser-Mona Singh, Sharvari & Abhay Verma

Scares and screams are about to return with the arrival of India's first CGI actor, Munjya, in the latest film from Maddock Films! Starring Mona Singh, Sharvari and Abhay Verma, Munjya releases in theatres on June 7. Ahead of it, the actors of this horror-comedy talk to PeepingMoon exclusively about exploring a unique concept. Sharvari, who set the screen ablaze with Taras, opens up about shedding the girl-next-door image, and showing her true potential with Munjya, her upcoming spy-thriller with Alia Bhatt and Vedaa. Highlighting about 'Munni', the trio answers whether Malaika Arora has seen the teaser and trailer.