Father's Day Special: At home with Ananya Panday and Chunky Panday


The Pandays live in a spacious first floor apartment on a tree-lined road opposite Bandra’s Holy Family Hospital. It is a lovely home. Made famous all these years by the Bollywood actor Chunky Panday. But more recently known as the residence of his cute and petite debutante star daughter Ananya Panday. PeepingMoon.com did its happy and funny Father’s Day shoot and story there with both the Pandays. Chunky was at home. Ready and waiting. Mama Bhavana Panday was at the Otters Club. Ananya took her time getting back from a lunch appointment. She’s already a rising star. Once back, she took charge professionally. Directing her father not to wear dark shades indoors. “Please Papa, that is so very Bollywood,” she grumbled. Chunky relented.

The living room has three seating areas. One is beneath a plastic transparent roof that brings the sunny outdoors in and creates a greenhouse effect. Cats and birds played on the roof while we worked. While the family’s Yorkshire Terrier Fudge did his best to get into every frame. There’s a bar area that was out of bounds. And a dining table at which Ananya’s kid sister Rysa disinterestedly sat eating Alfonso mangoes. Heavy coffee table books on art and Indian Gods lay on the centre piece of another sitting area. Bicycles from their younger days rested against the wall. Doors from the hall opened into their bedrooms, kitchen, and more interestingly a green room that had a makeup table and a mirror fitted with lights.

The Panday home had a warm and cozy lived-in feeling. What better setting to catch the proud father and zesty daughter in for a Father’s Day special?

(Source: PeepingMoon)