'Ved And Arya' Review: Nakuul Mehta and Sanaya Irani tell a beautiful tale orbiting LGBTQ


Short Film: Ved And Arya

Cast: Nakuul Mehta, Sanaya Irani, Pracchi Batnagar

Director: Ritesh Menon

Television’s favourite actors Nakuul Mehta and Sanaya Irani collaborated for the first time for Terrible Tiny Tales backed short film titled Ved And Arya.

The short film directed by Ritesh Menon begins with Ved (Nakuul) putting off his six months old daughter to sleep. Moments later, Arya (Sanaya) arrives at his pad in the absence of his wife. Well, before you assume that they share a romantic relationship, let us clear it that they are siblings and Arya has something special to tell her brother.

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She begins her tale by informing Ved about a ‘person’ in her life named Aadi. With 94% compatibility between them and love for Nutella with French fries, Arya feels there is an emotional and spiritual connection between them. Ved tries hard to make her believe that one doesn’t find true love with the help of compatibility tests. However, succumbing to his sister’s genuine feelings for Aadi, Ved acknowledges her affection. Moments later, Arya summons Aadi to Ved’s house to meet him. What happens next will surely surprise you, but in an endearing way.

Nakuul effortlessly slips into the character of Ved. He is a delight on screen and the scene wherein he is putting his baby girl off to sleep is pure bliss. His expressions are bang-on and chemistry with Sanaya is refreshing. If Nakuul is the heart of the show, Sanaya is the heart-beat and soul combined. Using her innate talent, captivating expressions and ease in front of the camera to the fullest, she owns each and every frame. Without Sanaya, the film would have been incomplete. The twist, in the end, will surely cockle the warmest corner of your heart, all thanks to Arya, oops Sanaya. Pracchi Batnagar deserves a special mention for her perfect and relevant character.

Terribly Tiny Tales, yet again, conveys an important topic with loads of heart. From aesthetics to the graph of Ved And Arya, everything seems perfect and enjoyable. Director Ritesh builds up curiosity till the end and it is worth the wait. Kudos to writer Sharanya Rajgopal for sketching out Ved, Arya and Aadi tastefully.